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The influence of Australian women on Modernism in Australian Art.

eveloped out of the French impressionism under the influence of Cezanne, Seurat, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse and the artists associated with their respective circles. Artists no longer sought to imitat ... number of impressionist and post-impressionistic paintings, including the work of Cezanne, Gaugain, Matisse, Picasso and other members of the Ecole de paris in the the collections of Paris dealers to ...

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tion in Paris in 1905. Among the participating artists was one of the century's most famous, Hentri Matisse. Along with Matisse's art were works by Maurice de Vlaminck, Andre Derain, and Georges Rouau ... er called Fauves and their paintings were dubbed Fauve art.The name "Fauve" was given to the art of Matisse, Vlaminck, and their colleagues, even though they didn't work with a common principle. And, ...

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Using artists of your choice discuss the ways in which an artist (or artists) have privileged colour as an means of artistic expression.

inters practicing the use of pure colour and inspired many other artists such as Cezanne, Monet and Matisse and Rothko to carry out this quest for an art of pure colour.Eugene Delacroix (1798 - 1862): ... ke the view from the window as it rushes past the platform'.The Gare Saint- Lazare - 1877MonetHenri Matisse believed that he felt through colour. 'Yet the feelings ought to be concentrated and the mea ...

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Investigate the art movement of 'expressionism'

arried this idea further, translating their feelings into colour with a rough, almost clumsy style. Matisse was a dominant figure of the movement; other Fauvists included Vlaminck, Derain, Marquet, an ... However they did not form a cohesive group, and by 1908 a number of painters had seceded to Cubism.Matisse-Acknowledged as a 20th century 'great' critics locate Matisse as the revolutionary master of ...

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Paradoxical Tragedy

me urgency, for many other kinds of aesthetic enjoyment. To take a simple example, our enjoyment of Matisse's The Dance does not ordinarily provoke bafflement about how it is that we are able to find ...

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Henri matisse

Henri Matisse, French artist, was a leader of the Fauve group. He was highly regarded as one of the great ... igures in 20th century art and a master of the use of color and form to convey emotional expression.Matisse discovered his artistic abilities when he had been bedstrucken with an attack of appendiciti ... s of unalloyed pigment to produce the strongest, most powerful visual palpitations of fierce color. Matisse gave color absolute freedom, letting it guide the way. "I feel through color, and so by colo ...

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form, instead of just giving it to the viewer, which could be considered the lazy man's way. Since Matisse is one of my absolute favorite artists, it was a treat to see his influence be carried over ... olstery of the armchair in Picasso's drawing is undeniably the effect of time spent with his friend Matisse, and I think it's nice to have a little design in a sketch that has little or no content val ...

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african art

reluctant to accept the art of Africa to be "fine art" so was referred as "primitive art".19sMatisse was seen as the leader of Parisian art, because of this, there was a rivalry between Matisse ... an art, because of this, there was a rivalry between Matisse and Picasso.8sWanting to surpass Matisse, Picasso seeks new ways to try to surpass Matisse.5sMatisse showed his purchase of Vil ...

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