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A Glimpse of a true "Toy Story" The Mattel Legacy.

MATTELFrom a side project of creating dollhouse furniture from picture frame scraps, to the world's ... ject of creating dollhouse furniture from picture frame scraps, to the world's biggest toy company, Mattel is indeed the international icon and toy standards guiding force. From the introduction of Ba ... ggling, wiggling, I own 3, can't love him enough, super record breaking top selling Tickle Me Elmo. Mattel's success through the years can be credited to exceptional employee/employer relations, creat ...

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GI Joe and Barbie: Bad for self-esteem?

pressionable girls of today. In an article in The Wall Street Journal, dated November 17, 1997. But Mattel claims that "little girls don't seek to emulate Barbie's body at all, and instead use her as ... k to emulate Barbie's body at all, and instead use her as a vehicle to create imaginative stories." Mattel says it's decision to adjust Barbie's dimensions reflects the "children's desire for greater ...

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Controvery over Barbie

that could relate better to the youth of America.The idea of an adult doll was not accepted well by Mattel initially because it was not seen as a cost effective expenditure. Therefore, the idea was ta ... me a nostalgic icon for the world. As an icon, Barbie has brought in over $700 million in 1990, and Mattel has produced over 600 million eleven-and-a-half inch plastic dolls along with more than one b ...

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The history of the Barbie doll

n doll, Lilli, in 1955 and the first Barbie was made in 1959. Barbie was named after the founder of Mattel's toy company daughter Barbara. Mattel started Barbie's of the world because they didn't want ... ause they didn't want any young girl from another countrys feel the need to be like an American. So Mattel started making German, French, and Japanese Barbie's with the indiviual cultures clothing. I ...

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Matel case study

Question 1:Jill Barat Became CEO of Mattel on August 22, 1996. She had served the company for 15 years and during these years as product ... company's stated goal of 15 % per annum compounded before the effects of any acquisitions. Despite Mattel's past and Barad's starring role in it many observers of the toy industry believed that this ... he would develop new product categories, particularly in boys' toys and board games, the areas that Mattel was traditionally weak. That could be accomplished through internal product development or by ...

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The Barbie doll represents many things in American society, but at the end of the day she is just a doll.

age raises issue of identification and diversity that is so fundamental in America today. "In 1980, Mattel introduced the first Black Barbie and the first Hispanic Barbie. Both dolls have modified ski ... they had small waists, tiny feet, and make-up that was more than a woman would wear in daily life. Mattel has made changes to Barbie by decreasing her bust size, and increasing her hips, but they hav ...

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Advertising and Sexual Stereotypes

ads for products used by children. The biggest offender in stereotyping women as sex objects is the Mattel Company's ads for Barbie. These ads impress upon little girls the importance of looking beaut ...

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Corporate Responsibility and Consumer Safety

Mattel, on August 2nd, issued a massive recall of 1.5 million Fisher-Price toys worldwide. Mattel, t ... Chinese imports (MSNBC).Since August 2nd, about nine million products have been recalled. All were Mattel toys imported from China. Nancy A. Nord, Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ... he irresponsibility of Chinese manufacturers, not enough focus is put on American importers such as Mattel. The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts an ...

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Disclosure Analysis Paper

The company that I chose to use as the basis for this assignment was Mattel, Inc. and Subsidiaries. They have their most recent financial statements available right on t ... balance of $760,643 (in thousands) on the balance sheet. The disclosures for this account note that Mattel grants credit on an unsecured basis. Each customer must undergo extensive evaluations on an o ... basis. Each customer must undergo extensive evaluations on an ongoing basis to receive credit from Mattel, they are then set up with credit limits and payment terms. Each customer is reviewed at leas ...

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lysis by Global Communications. By using generic benchmarking, Global Communications can learn from Mattel. Mattel is a toy company that has been outsourcing to China because of low labor costs and ef ... iciency left the company with products containing lead. Beyond the problems of lead in the toys are Mattel's management problems. Mattel management let the problem prevail, and now the company has to ...

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Hackers are thieves who fail to comprehend and respect the rights of intellectual property owners and corporations. Argue for or against this statement.

as true that the “Cyber Patrol” software was not perfectly neutral in its censorship, but Mattel Inc., the parent company of “Cyber Patrol”, thought otherwise of the two individual ...

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out how to do business here, without risking their reputation, consumer trust, or customers' lives.Mattel's business relationship with China goes way back before it was cool. Bearing the knowledge of ... hina goes way back before it was cool. Bearing the knowledge of protecting its brand and trademark, Mattel invested, adapted and learned to make good business by building large factories and owning th ...

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Barbie and Body Image: Marketing and Advertising

s become an unrealistic symbol of body image to young girls across the board and it is the way that Mattel markets and advertises Barbie that has caused these negative feelings towards self-concept an ... sons why Barbie gives young girls negative feelings about body image is the unrealistic proportions Mattel has created for Barbie. "The possibility of being shaped like Barbie is less than one in 100, ...

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Organizational Behavior: What it means to any Organization today

ngs and the company's success in their particular industry goes hand in hand. Bob Eckert the CEO of Mattel has stellar leadership qualities (Neff & Citrin 2005) when taking his post he told his fu ... M. Citrin (2005). "You're in charge---Now What?" : the 8 point plan, section getting to know you at Mattel, pages102-103

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Barbie's Tarket Market

Barbie's Target MarketThe measurement of a Mattel's marketing strategy is its ability to impact and improve upon each feature of that strategy. ... rategies and goals outlined. These goals should be expressed and understood throughout the company. Mattel will be successful once they have an understanding of the market. The marketing strategy is a ... e market segment to reach.This market segment can be reached and served by many forms of media. The Mattel message can be broadcast through television and radio advertising, internet advertising on th ...

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Barbie's Marketing Analysis

Mattel/Barbie Marketing Analysis � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �10� Mattel/Barbie Marke ... is � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �10� Mattel/Barbie Marketing Analysis PaperHistory of Mattel / BarbieBarbie was launched in 1959 and became an instant hit. Today, sales of the dolls and ... t versions of the doll have been introduced to reflect the world's diverse population. For example, Mattel has produced African-American Barbie dolls since 1968, the time of the civil rights movement, ...

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Mental Models and Mindsets Paper

mental models and mindsets. The four steps are important for individuals and organizations to grow. Mattel is successful in creating new mental models and mindsets by becoming the number one toy compa ... dels and mindsets by becoming the number one toy company in the United States and around the world (Mattel, 2011).Understand Mental ModelsMattel has their own thought process of making the Ken and Bar ...

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Mattel's global sourcing in China, like all other toy manufacturers, was based on low-cost manufactu ... alls and product quality problems are separate from or part of pursuing a low-cost country strategy?Mattel adalah perusahaan nomer satu dunia yang memproduksi mainan untuk anak-anak, dengan produk and ... dengan produk andalan seperti Barbie dan HotWheels. Sebagai produsen mainan anak-anak kelas wahid, Mattel menerapkan standar keamanan yang sangat tinggi untuk tiap mainan yang diproduksinya. Komitmen ...

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