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Hate Crimes in America

stories of gays killed in a horrible fashion or tortured and beaten have become almost commonplace. Matthew Shepard was a student in Wyoming. He was kidnapped and killed by Russell Henderson and Aaron ... religion, or national origin" (Seelye, 18A). Clinton backed similar legislation after the attack on Matthew Shepard, but the bill died in the Senate Judiciary Committee without a vote (Seelye, 18A). C ...

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Rights For All People's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

e hate crimes are brutal attacks just because of who they are. A most recent and well-known case is Matthew Shepard who was beaten to death. For those people that are urban areas it is much more safer ...

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Gay Marriage

imination, ignorance and opposition. Sometimes theopposition turns violent.(Insert examples such as Matthew Shepard etc)At one time it was not allowed to marry outside your race. Now gay couples are f ...

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Memoir on a protest

all the signs and words, the one that made her stomach cringe the most was a sign that read "Mathew Shepard is in hell." She couldn't grasp why or how anyone capable of thought would even imagine some ...

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Salem witch hunt summary and desciption. For social studies.

both sides of the Atlantic." The Malice of Hell: Satan Comes to Salem can connect to the murder of Matthew Shepard because society was telling him what they didn't want him to do so they killed him. ... want him to do so they killed him. "In the early hours of Oct. 7, 1998, 21 year old college student Matthew Shepard was kidnapped, robbed, and tied to a fence in rural Wyoming and beaten by two assail ...

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Hate crime

own opinion. The play takes place in Laramie Wyoming, after the "hate crime" that left 21 year old Matthew Shepard fighting for his life that ended soon after all because the fact that he was gay. Ha ... from any other crime? Isn't all crime hate crime? "People would like to think that what happened to Matthew was an exception to the rule, but it was an extreme version of what happens in our schools o ...

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