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In political, cultural and social terms the May Fourth Movement was far more important than the 1911 Revolution. Discuss.

rcumstances how true is the deeply held view that the political, cultural and social impacts of the May Fourth Movement were far more important than the 1911 Revolution? Mao Zedong was certainly among ... ant than the 1911 Revolution? Mao Zedong was certainly amongst those who championed the role of the May Fourth Movement in the development of China, he wrote in January 1940: "Its outstanding historic ...

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Spring Moon by Bette Bao Lord and the May Fourth Movement

On May 4, 1919, over three thousand Chinese students gathered in the streets of Beijing, finally taking ... l traitors at home", "Do away with the 'Twenty-One Demands'" and "Don't sign the Versailles Treaty"(May Fourth Movement). They demanded for the traitors Tsao Rulin, Zhang Zongziang and Lu Zongyu, who ... he two became friends. Four days after the meeting, they helped plan protest that was to be held on May 4, 1919. During the protest, she gave her companions strength and encouragement with her intense ...

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China's May Fourth Movement

The Political System of ChinaResearch PaperIntrospection of the May Fourth Movement's political influences in 1920s China and contemporary China-analysis is based o ... nationName: Winnie ZhaoMajor: Government and International RelationsStudent Number: 1230700041Date: May 20th, 2014Introduction: The May Fourth Movement had certain positive impacts on fostering Chines ... layed an important role in the rise and growth of the vernacular movement in 1920s China. After the May Fourth Movement, a mount of China's political reforms and changes are closely related to the ups ...

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