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The History of Beer in America: Describes the early roots of beer in America from the first breweries til the days of prohibition til present day.

e from the fermentation of a type of corn called maize. It is also known that the passengers of the Mayflower were forced ashore, partly due to a shortage of beer. As proof of the importance of beer, ...

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This was a creative editorial about Why Hemp should ne leagalized in America.

Hemp came to America on the Mayflower-woven into the ship's sails and rigging. It covered Conestoga wagons trudging west. Accord ...

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The Heart Of The American Dream

ists fought and won their freedom and independence, they set sail for a new land in their boat, The Mayflower. Not too long after that those men, with the goodwill of mankind in their hearts and inspi ...

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The History of Thanksgiving

rt attention away from Thanksgiving's real meaning.The official story has the pilgrims boarding the Mayflower, coming to America and establishing the Plymouth colony in the winter of 1620-21. This fir ...

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Past and Present Society

ancestor from my father's side of the family, was shipped to America from England in chains on the Mayflower. My ancestors are not people I know very much about, but I do know that they helped to cre ...

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NE vs Chesapeake DBQ

tists with the same origins and the same dreams arrived in Massachusetts in November of 1620 on the Mayflower. Within seventy years, these two establishments grew larger and larger. But as they deve ...

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This essay compares and contrasts the religous beliefs and settling purposes of Northern and Southern American settlers of the 1600s

ns goal of settlement came about from the Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth Rock. The travelers of the Mayflower arrived in Plymouth Rock, with the consent of the King, to pursue religious freedom. The a ...

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Research paper - Parenting Roles

Everything changes with time, and the American family model is no different. Ever since the Mayflower landed people were trying to decide on a family model, and that definition is constantly c ...

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Early Puritan and Pilgrim Literature

nor of the Plymouth Colony, kept a journal of the events that took place on the journey over on the Mayflower and life within the colony. Jonathan Edwards, a minister during the Great Awakening wrote ...

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Basic concepts of Puritan ideology, Why were Puritans left England, Puritan ideology and religion.

nd were totally 102 people. They've filled a ship with any equipment, food, etc... which is called "Mayflower" They get all the thing with them, which should help them to build up their own lifes. The ... fe even no people. This was a great risk. Any of those 102 people know what would they see when the Mayflower brings them to new lands. They only know that they'll have to be working hard to set-up a ...

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The Similarities between the Presidencies of Jefferson and Jackson

ounded in order to make money for The Virginia Company, The Plymouth Colony was founded because the Mayflower landed in the wrong place, Rhode Island was inhabited by dissenters from Massachusetts, an ... asons for the religiousness of the New England colonies vary for the most part. The Puritans of the Mayflower settled in Plymouth only because it was the most suitable location after they failed to la ...

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Everything you could ever need to know about the United Kingdom.

rning rule, and an economy. Back in "September 1620, a group of pilgrims sailed from England on the Mayflower. They traveled to America in search of religious freedom" (Time for Kids).The United Kingd ...

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William Bradford, leader of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, sailed on the Mayflower to "establish a settlement where they could maintain a church of "˜ancient purity' fr ...

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The Colony I Would Live In

husetts was a great colony to live in. After all, you are guinea pigs. The people who sailed on the Mayflower were very lucky. Even though most of them died, the survivors must be strong enough to do ...

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The History Of Beer

earned from the mother country. From the initial beginnings, as the Pilgrims were aboard the Mayflower, and then landed at Plymouth Rock, they were not at the planned destination point, which s ...

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is a fresh and swiftly flowing adventure. Among his many surprising revelations are the reason the Mayflower really landed at Plymouth; our first prohibition; brewing in the colonies; George Washingt ...

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How the Colonization Era affected Authors

in 1620 they received a patent from Virginia which allowed them to settle in New England aboard the Mayflower). In 1606, King James I granted a charter authorizing overlapping grants of land in Virgin ...

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American Colonies: In-Depth Discussion Of Differen

engers. Despite the odd stares they give you, you manage to find out that this ship is known as the Mayflower, and it is en route to a ?New World? ? nobody knows exactly where, but a New World nonethe ...

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Impact of Technology on the Sales Process Paper

ery aspect of life on earth. However, developing customer relationships was in existence before the Mayflower landed on the east coast of North America. The Internet, networking, and other aspects of ...

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“Give me your tired, your poor,”

attracted people in search of a share of "the American dream" from all over of the world. From the mayflower settlers to the influx of immigrants during the 19th century, U.S. history is one of immig ...

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