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Reasons for more rapid population growth in countries with lower levels of economic development.

. Higher levels of cdr are typically in response from medical advances in more developed countries (mdc) that are then sent to lesser-developed countries (ldc) in the form of foreign aid. These advanc ... y and increase the cdr. The reason that these ldc have heightened natural increase rates (nir) over mdc lies in their cultures. In the old days (stage one) many children did not even live till the age ...

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Christian Debutante

The CD-MDC recently held a formal dinner for participants of the Social Graces for Youth class. This class ... and remarks by Reverend Washington, our pastor. The CD-MDC thanks the many Reid Temple members who provided donations for sponsoring the children. The CD-M ...

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Famine in Zimbabwe.

ill be hijacked and sold for votes in the election campaign. It would be better for Zimbabwe if the MDC candidate, Tsvangirai wins the election. In this plan countries could try to convince Zimbabwean ... o convince Zimbabweans to vote for Tsvangirai. Countries could donate small amounts of money to the MDC campaign, about $50,000 per country. This money could be used to get the word out about the MDC ...

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