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Marinetti's futurist manifesto: epigraph of pre-war Europe or the New Testament of 'Modern Europe'?

ent atmosphere of Italy at the start of the 20th century. Despite the optimistic view regarding the mechanization and 'progression' which the "hungry automobile" -capitalism brought with it, the Europ ...

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ll of novelty and turbulence. Transcendentalism was a reaction to an impoverishment of religion and mechanization of consciousness of eighteenth century rational doctrines that ceased to be satisfying ... all towns, worked for a few years and then returned. Thus the mill populations were transient. With mechanization of textiles, new styles and fashions developed. Thus newness was becoming a virtue rat ...

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"The Code Book" by Simon Singh

ge. Until this time, code-breakers had the upper hand over code makers. However, new techniques and mechanization once again gave code makers the advantage.The next chapter, "Cracking the Enigma," det ...

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Industrial Revolution in America.

ustrial Revolution was a dramatic increase in production in factories that was made possible by the mechanization of processes that were once done by hand. Much of this work was done in factories by w ...

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Analysis of the film "Othello" by Oliver Parker.

um of film, reviewing the director?s ability to provide an effect caused by insight into the play?s mechanization and interpretation of such affected by visual mastery. This analysis focuses mainly on ...

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Industrial Revolution Changes for the geography, economy, and technology

new opportunities to make living left villages to find factory work in growing cities. A new era of mechanization had arrived. Basically, all rural villagers were farmers. Wealthy landowners co ...

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A Brief Business Review of Britain During Later Nineteen Century and 1913

f all exports. By the Census of Production in 1907 there had been a great progress of steam-powered mechanization in industries, especially, an immense deepening of using in coal, iron/steel and shipb ... uction and trade rose much more, as indicated by the figures of raw cotton consumption and exports. Mechanization was carried further, not only with more mules, spindles and power-looms but larger, fa ...

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Past of the Tortilla by knight keeper

day, these countries enjoy its food after hundreds of years of change from the Aztecs, Spanish, and mechanization of the tortilla.The people that first settle here were the Aztecs. The capital of thes ...

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The Modern Industrial Economy

th century. This was not only carrying economic changes, but social changes as well. This extensive mechanization from home manufacturing to large-scale factory production was without doubt, the large ...

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Henry David Thoreau and Indiviualism

f nature. Additional commonalities were some of the things Romanticists opposed such as empiricism, mechanization, mathematical thinking, dehumanization, and increased materialism. Individualism is a ...

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Correlation between alienation and novels we read.

RUSH!!! In the movie "Modern Times" a fast tempo, the loss of a man to his work and the effects of mechanization are recurring themes which will be dissected.Another theme that continually came up in ... ing seeing as how Chaplin represents the average Joe, an everyday Homer Simpson. The effect of this mechanization apparently unscrews the bolts in Chaplin's own mind and he goes "crazy", thus the auth ...

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Charles Dicken's "Hard Times": Human Mechanization.

any development of their emotions as well as imaginations, clearly depicts Dicken's theme of human mechanization. In the first sections of the novel, particularly in "Book the First: Sowing": Chapter ...

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Attempts to End Slavery.

t outcomes of the Revolutionary Era was a growing movement in opposition to slavery. As a result of mechanization and farming, slavery became dominant and very important to the economy, particularly i ...

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ell-documented benefits of robots in various literatures (............), the presence of robots and mechanization in construction industry do bring disadvantages to the industry. According to Virk (19 ... nt or even injury to other workforce. Hence, it can be seen that the mishandling of both robots and mechanization in construction industry will eventually affect the outcome of a particular constructi ...

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Response to Rebecca Solnit's "The Disembodiment of Everyday Life".

believes that the long time use of feet as a means of travels has been severed by the new waves of mechanization. And that belief has truth within it.Man has become dependent on the new "prosthetics" ... surrounded with.However, having experienced different modes of traveling and lifestyle, the idea of mechanization as having a negative effect on "foot power" is a personal subject of controversy. Havi ...

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Explain how Industrialization led to Social Change in the 19th Century.

was pioneered by Great Britain, and occurred much later in France, Germany, and Central Europe. The mechanization of production was paralleled by distinguished social changes, and everywhere, the new ...

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Construction Employers

gines could be used to drive such machinery as the steam hammer or the pile driver. The large-scale mechanization of construction took a major step forward with the invention of the internal combustio ...

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Preparing of Aspirin

of aspirin has paralleled advancements in pharmaceutical manufacturing as a whole, with significant mechanization occurring during the early twentieth century. Now, the manufacture of aspirin is highl ...

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cter of Godfrey St. Peter. In 1922, Cather became " increasingly distressed with the growing mechanization and mass-produced quality of American society" (Norton). This was the time her writing ...

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"Dry Cistern" - On Bartleby The Scriven.

anization, the environment, the workplace, the home, and everyday life. Herman Melville depicts the mechanization, dehumanization, and repetition of employment in Industrial America in his short story ... lture in 1790. During the nineteenth century, however, Americans soon enjoyed striking ?success? in mechanization. Melville?s description of the labor performed at the office that employed Nippers, Tu ...

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