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Importance of Improvisation in Music

en the single voice 'Plainsong' started to develop into the 2, 3 or 4 part'Organum' (during the mid Medieval Period 1000 - 1300) , one or more of the partswere also commonly improvised, weaving free c ... mprovised, weaving free counter lines around the written melodyline.b) Original score notations for Medieval organ music for example, commonly includeinstructions for improvisation and embellishments. ...

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A comparison of Malory's Morte d' Arthur and Camelot

he Round Table are a favoritesubject in movies, books, and plays. Often times this is so because theMedieval Period in general, and King Arthur in particular, have an airof mystery, romance, fantasy, ... oyed.The excerpt of Morte d' Arthur is a more mysterious, magical,and perhaps realistic view of the Medieval period than Camelot.However, both works provide a glimpse back into the world of one ofthe ...

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Chivalry and Knighthood

. (Microft, Encarta) Almost all origins of the word meant horseman.Warfare was not an option in the medieval period and the knight was the mostcrutial part. The knight's ability, and the military stre ...

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An Analysis of Chaucer's "The Wife of Bath's Tale"

lison's tale whichI will examine, looking not only at the chivalric and religiousinfluences of this medieval period, but also at how she wouldhave been viewed in the context of this society and by Cha ... ased in reality and theother existing mainly in the imagination only. On the one hand,there was the medieval notion we are most familiar with today inwhich the knight was the consummate righteous man, ...

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Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath

son's tale which I will examine, looking not only at the chivalric and religious influences of this medieval period, but also at how she would have been viewed in the context of this society and by Ch ... ed in reality and the other existing mainly in the imagination only. On the one hand, there was the medieval notion we are most familiar with today in which the knight was the consummate righteous man ...

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indulgences, which developed out of the penitential discipline of the early church, became, in the medieval period, a means by which punishments for breaches of church discipline were commuted for pr ... he Reformation of the 16th century was a movement within Western Christendom to purge the church of medieval abuses and to restore the doctrines and practices that the reformers believed conformed wit ...

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Dante's Inferno and how it relates to paganism and christianity.

Moving past the aesthetic images which Dante has brought to attention lies the truth of the medieval period in Europe. The crudeness which is exhibited refers to the actual place and time, whe ... the most credible references, that paganism is not a religion. More simply, it is Christians of the Medieval times who did not accept the modern faith. Pagans, by this interpretation, were those who h ...

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The Canterbury Tales. How does Chaucer show the rapid decline of aristocracy through two of his characters?

rbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer presents a series of sketches on a diverse group of people during the medieval period. Through the portrayal of the Knight and the Squire, he vilifies the rapid decline o ... ss and courtesy." The author therefore shows how the Knight perfectly conveys his values during the medieval period. Chaucer stresses that the Knight is a modest and refined gentlemen in the court: "A ...

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It is about King Arthur and some history.

ten debated as fact or fictional. (see Appendix I)He was the legendary British King who appeared in Medieval romances as the sovereign of a knightly fellowship. It has not been certain, however, if Ar ... aders and historians in their quest for Arthur. Sir Thomas MaloryMalory and Arthur lived during the Medieval Period that dated from 1066 to 1485. (1-31) The Period began with the Norman Conquest began ...

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The arts (painting, music, literature etc.) reveal the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society.

annot be seen through open eyes. Consider the frescoes of Fra Angelico and others monks and nuns of medieval period, who sought primarily through their representations of Madonna and Child to reassure ...

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Women Warriors: Myth or Reality.

mpt by the author to answer the question of whether women fought in wars alongside men in the early medieval period. It was writtain from the viewpoint of animal behavior and uses some illustrations f ...

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Morality and the Courtly Love Tradition: The Miller's Tale

During the medieval period, several aspects of modern society were non-existent. Mercifulness, humility, and co ... ife didn't exist. The question of morality is seemingly always a point of major discussion when the medieval period is brought into consideration. The Miller's Tale in The Canterbury Tales is a work t ... al to The Miller's Tale, is no. Unless of course, you accept this simple paradox as a moral: during medieval times immorality is sociably acceptable as long as it's funny.On the other hand, those who ...

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Write a brief survey of the main liturgical offices during the medieval day and year and the placing within them of the principal genres of plainsong.

Medieval monastic foundations sang nine times each day: eight Offices or Hours, and a Mass. These of ... night and continued until the early hours of Sunday morning. From these vigils evolved three of the medieval offices: Vespers, originally held at sunset in anticipation of the night?s vigils); Nocturn ... the celebration of a Sunday began on the Saturday evening, a custom which not only survived to the medieval period but was also standard practice up until at least the Second Vatican Council; thus ma ...

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Luther's effect on Christian Jewish Relations

act but there other factors to take into account. Before the onset of the Reformation, in the early medieval period, the Jews suffered immense religious intolerance, with accusations of ritual murder ...

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Compare and contrast two of the set texts from two different periods "Everyman" and "Doctor Faustus"

ctor Faustus are plays. They are written within different timePeriods, with Everyman written in the medieval era and Doctor Faustus written in theRenaissance.Everyman and Doctor Faustus are both Moral ... man and Doctor Faustus are both Morality Plays, these are specifically plays thatexisted within the Medieval period. They were popular during this period as they wereintended to instruct the audience ...

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Castles of Medieval Times

Looking back on these great fortifications one sees just how different, but safe life exists in the Medieval period inside one of these tremendously prepared fortresses. Besides the Lord and Lady othe ... to show just how much protection these castles have. Air Force One parallels castles of the Medieval time a great deal. High political figures live here, with security and the ability to run a ...

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Beowulf, Sir Gawain and King Arthur - Three Heroes

is what is important. King Arthur, Sir Gawain's uncle, is naturally the quintessential king of the medieval period. Though all men to a certain extent share the same qualities, some are more pronounc ...

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The Scientific Revolution: How Scientists and Philosophers Changed Medieval Ideas on Science and Natural Law

n. Such discoveries challenged beliefs and traditions of every culture in every century. During the medieval period of time, people believed that everything in nature and society were connected and th ... d brought along new inventions and newer ideas to civilization. The Scientific Revolution shattered medieval ideas, traditions, and views about nature and humans.In Europe, before the Scientific Revol ...

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Oppression of the Proletariat in Medieval Europe

most people drudge along, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return." ~ Gore VidalThe Medieval period in the Holy Roman Empire can be described as a time of hardship, poverty and sufferi ... events surrounding the Black Plague and increasing force from military powers outside of the strict medieval social order. Only after Europe was ripped from the clutches of class oppression could the ...

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The Development of Music Theory: A Comparison between the Medieval and Renaissance Periods

ay people play, write, and think about music. One of the most important shifts occurred between the Medieval and Renaissance time periods. The Medieval period is usually considered to be between 476 a ... much different way of looking at the structure of different voices.The polyphonic music during the medieval period grew from the relatively simple harmonies of the Middle Ages. All of the voices were ...

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