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etc. It has an atomic weight 55.847, it's atomic number is 26, it's specific gravity is 7.86, it's melting point is 1535 degrees Celsius, and it's boiling point is 3000 degrees Celsius. It burns in o ... ing workers. Refining of the ore causes dust and fumes to be released into the environment. In the smelting process to make steel, acidic clouds are formed from the burning of coal. In the U.S., scrub ...

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Lead and environment

sed. Lead's usefulness stems from the metal's many desirableproperties: softness, high density, low melting point, ability to block radiation, resistance tocorrosion, readiness to form alloys and chem ...

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Tungsten (the element).

s. Tungsten can be used in wires and light bulbs as well as other things because it has a very high melting point which makes it harder to ruin when used in electronics. Tungsten was found in 1781 by ...

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A basic outline of the Element Iron. Useful for replacing a lab on Iron (if so instucted), or as a brief history of Iron.

odic identification is "FE". Iron has an atomic mass of 55.845 AMU and its atomic number is 26. The melting point for iron is 1535.0 °C (1808.15 °K, 2795.0 °F) and its boiling point is 275 ...

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Element Arsenic.

ol and NameName: ArsenicSymbol: AsNumber of Protons: 33Number of Electrons: 33Number of Neutrons: 42Melting Point: 817.0 °C (1090.15 °K, 1502.6 °F)Boiling Point: 613.0 °C (886.15 ° ... it is believed that Albertus Magnus, a German alchemist, first identified arsenic itself.PropertiesMelting Point: 1090 K (1502.6°F)Boiling Point: 887 K (1137.2°F)Density: 5.776 grams per cubi ...

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Metallic and Ionic bonding.

olished-Malleable ? can be shaped by beating-Ductile ? can be drawn into a wire-Exihibit a range of melting and boiling temperatures-Generally have high densitiesExceptions in metals:-Mercury ? liquid ... erally have high densitiesExceptions in metals:-Mercury ? liquid at room temperature, unusually low melting point.-Chromium ? brittle rather than malleable.Structure of MetalsModel of metal in solid s ...

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Detailed description on the Element Iridium.

, atomic mass 192.2, boiling point at about 44oo degrees celcuis (7952 degrees farinheight), and a melting point of 2450 c (4442 f) the irduims symbol is Ir. Iriduim was discovered by a British chemi ...

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What are the uses, facts, history, and properties of the element known as Aluminum?

me: AluminumSymbol: AlAtomic Number: 13Atomic Mass: 26.981539 amuDensity: 2.702 g/cm3Melting Point: 660.37 °CFreezing Point: 2467.0 °CDiscovery and HistoryIn 1825, a Danish c ...

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Iron- about its elemental properties and history of the metal.

Its symbol on the periodic table is Fe. Its atomic number is 26 and its atomic mass is 55.845. Its melting point is 1535 degrees Celsius and its boiling point is 2750 degrees Celsius. It has 30 neutr ... found in Assyria, it is not known if their manufacture was deliberate or as a result of prolonged smelting of iron in an abundance of charcoal.1786: Monge, Vandermonde, and Berthollet established tha ...

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THis is a general report on copper. It describes it's physical properties, chemical properties, and its uses.

nd in Iraq and North Africa. Copper has an atomic weight of 63.546 and its atomic number is 29. Its melting point is 1084.62 °C and 1984.32 °F while its boiling point is 2927 °C and 5301 & ...

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Chemical Properties of the element Barium

can be decomposed with water or alcohol. The density Barium is 3.51 g/cm3 when at 293K and it has a melting point at 998.2 K and boils at 2123 K.Barium was discovered and recognized as an element by S ...

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Niobium's use in Nuclear Reactors

yet fascinating transition element. With an atomic number of 41, niobium combines strength, a high melting point, resistance to chemical attack, and a low neutron absorption cross-section. All of thi ... Thus, niobium acts as a key element in nuclear fission reactors, due to its enormous strength, high melting point, resistance to corrosive chemicals, and low neutron absorption.Generally, niobium is i ...

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en carefully washing away the residual by-products. The atomic number is 14, atomic weight: 28.086, melting point: 1687K (1414°C) or 2577°F), boiling point: 3538k (3265°C or 5909°F), d ... s, cement, and porcelain, and have important individual applications. Fused silica, a glass made by melting quartz of hydrolyzing silicon tetrachloride, is characterized by a low coefficient of expans ...

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History Of Titanium

ninth most abundant element in the Earth's crust and makes up a massive 0.57 percent of it.It has a melting point of 1668 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 3287 degrees Celsius.Titanium has a hex ...

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5 minuet oral on 'carbon' the element incl. bibliography

ompounds contain carbon, this is far more than any other element ever discovered. It has the lowest melting point of all the elements at -3550 º C, and a very high boiling point of 4827 º C. ...

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e natural isomer which can interconvert between aR and aS* C22H25NO6* molecular weight is 399.4426* melting point is 142 degrees Celsius* water solubility is less than 10/g mL at 21 degrees Celsius* p ...

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Diamond and Graphite.

tch a diamond but a diamond can scratch all other minerals. It has a hardness of 10MOHS. Has a high melting point. Graphite is a conductor of electricity. All minerals can scratch graphite but ... for a graphite to scratch many minerals, as it is very soft. It has a hardness of 1-2MOHS. Has high melting point.FUNCTION Diamond has captured human interest because it can reflect the light ...

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Objective:1. To determine the percent recovery from recrytalisation2. To determine the melting point of the crystals formed3. To purify a solid by recrystalisation.Apparatus:- Erlenmeyer ... ---------------------------- x 100 %original weight of compound1.78g= -------- x 100 %1.95g= 91.28 %Melting point of crystal = 125oC - 126oCDiscussion:We started off the experiment by weighing 1.95g o ... en lost when the crystal were transferred to a dry filter paper to allow it to dry.The range of the melting points of the crystals of benzoic acid was 125 ºC to 126 ºC. The range was determi ...

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Anode tube

thermionic emission. Tungsten is chosen as the filament material for the following reasons;1) High melting point (3387 degrees C)2) Low vapour pressure (about 5000kPa) Vapour pressure is the pressure ... 4) low work function (4.5 eV). Tungsten exhibits thermionic emission at temperatures well below its melting point.Focusing hood; prevents the electron beam from diverging as it crosses to the anode.An ...

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Alkanes & Alkenes

en and carbon. The general formula for an alkane is .Properties and uses of alkanes:Name of alkane: Melting point oC: Boiling point oC: Density g/cm3: State at room temperature:Methane CH4 -182 -162 0 ... iquids.Alkanes with 18 or more carbon atoms are solids.As the number of carbon atoms increases, the melting points, boiling points and densities increases.They are insoluble in water but dissolve in o ...

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