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What problems have rendered a European Constitution necessary?

ake amendments on voting rules in the Council of Ministers, to give a stronger voice to the smaller member states, to hold a larger Union together (7). The Nice Treaty has given greater procedural eff ... al and political struggle on this issue. Should the Supremo represent the EU or also its individual member states, or should there be shared competences on this agenda (6).Citizens sometimes have the ...

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The European Union approach to cross border insolvencies. The European Insolvency Regulation.

ons rely on the principle of the opening of main insolvency proceedings with universal scope in the Member State where the debtor has the centre of his main interests, while retaining the possibility ... s main interests, while retaining the possibility of opening secondary local proceedings in another Member State where the debtor has an establishment.3. Scope of Council Regulation (EC) No 1346/2000: ...

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The European Union from a British perspective: What is it and should we [Britain] deepen our intergration?

hen the idea of European countries working together was first conceived in 1950 there were only six member states, Britain did not join until 1973 and the latest countries to join were Austria Finland ... ally stable as the countries that are currently involved. Countries such as Poland and other former members of the Communist block are likely to require aid from the EU as opposed to actually donating ...

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Is British politics undergoing a process of Europeanisation?

European integration, how it occurs and more importantly how it impacts on the domestic politics of member states. Some academics believe that the two definitions are interchangeable and the term Euro ... e informal rules, beliefs, paradigms, styles, ideologies and culture that infiltrate through to the member states. I will examine the extent to which this process has occurred and look at limiting fac ...

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The Economic Impact of Integration into the European Union

h is to unite Europe industries, to make them more efficient and to promote peace and co-operation. Membership of the EU is one of the main objectives in Lithuania's foreign and general policy. Joinin ... hare, 90 million from SAPARD, and around 155 million from ISPA. Moreover, during the first years of membership Lithuania will receive financial support of about 1,7 billions litas. This will bring pro ...

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Why GB should or should not join the euro?

nuary 1999, when the exchange rates of the participating currencies were irrevocably set. Euro area Member States began implementing a common monetary policy, the euro was introduced as a legal curren ... tary policy, the euro was introduced as a legal currency and the 11 currencies of the participating Member States became subdivisions of the euro. Greece joined on 1st January 2001 and so 12 Member St ...

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Analyse the main advantages and disadvantages of European Union enlargement for a) existing members and b) for applicant countries

Topic: Analyse the main advantages and disadvantages of European Union enlargement for a) existing members and b) for applicant countries.In 2004 we will see the biggest enlargement in the history of ... ithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and will expand the European Union from currently 15 members to 25.The question is, whether this enlargement will be beneficial or not. Let us analyse wh ...

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Potential benefits and problems of enlarging the European Union to include Eastern European Countries.

n countries. This will involve discussing the likely impact that enlargement would have on existing members and the Eastern European countries which will be joining. This will also concern the effect ... customs union was created with provision for the phased withdrawals of all tariffs between the six member nations who were currently members of the EU. This was finally completed in 1986. The treaty ...

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Britain and the European Currency

rrency of the United Kingdom, and the 'euro' ( ) is the official currency for twelve European Union member states: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the N ... e, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain ( a member of the European Union, the United Kingdom has the option of adopting the euro as its currency ...

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Assess the impact on the EU of any of the 1995 accession states: Finland

ary 1995, Finland as well as Sweden and Austria officially joined the European Union (EU), bringing membership to 15. In addition to increasing the EU population by 21.6 million inhabitants, this enla ... e EU Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by roughly 7 percent. The three entrant countries were all former members of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) -a zone then economically less dynamic than the Europ ...

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Brussels We Have a Problem: The Internal and External Communication Dilemma Facing the European Union

rope as simply wishful thinking. In the most obvious sense, the European Union implies a merging of Member States under a common organizational umbrella; however the dilemma today is not one of physic ... to which there is a failure to provide adequate answers.Successive enlargements of the EU – 6 members in 1958 to 27 in 2007 – has meant that it is now dealing with a highly diversified Unio ...

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Enlargement Of The European Union

is characterised by stability, prosperity and peace within and between both its current and future member states. The EU already has a successful history of past enlargements. Initially, there was th ... which created the European Economic Community (EEC). Both Treaties were signed by the six founding members of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The EU then underwent fo ...

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Economic Report Disneyland Paris

n September 2001 the European commission has published figures for EU budget balance with the 15 EU member states. These balance examine total payments made to member states less total payment in the ... le improvement in indicators such as unemployment and employment, especially in some of the smaller member states. But this has merely brought Europe back on average to the situation that prevailed in ...

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The Single European Market

the European Economic Community (EEC) Treaty already clarified the objective of cooperation between member states. Throughout the Single Market, those objectives should be transformed into reality.By ... ent of goods, the European Commission monitors people's activities mainly through the complaints by Member States' citizens. In most cases, barriers to trade within the EU are removed on an amicable b ...

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Current Business Research Project Paper - Synopsis

ria bears characteristics of both a post communist Eastern European society in transition and a new member of the European Union further cross-cultural studies are recommended that should include a pr ...

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Brewing Industry Pestle Analysis

consumption and alcohol-related harm and give advice on implementing an alcohol and drug policy in Member States.Threat, another policy with the main goal to reduce alcohol consumption.3. EU rules on ... for fast growing and to exploit new markets.2. Increase in wages and disposable income from the new members of the EU (Eastern Europe)Jobs and money have flowed into Easter Europe countries since they ...

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The Free Movement Of People Within Eu

ix founding independent countries - states and now it encompasses the participation of twenty seven member states. The main goal of this institutional effort is to enhance the sense of unity and coope ... n of any internal borders within the internal market and the equal treatment of citizens from other member states is the core idea of the free movement of people.The Legal FrameworkThe formulation of ...

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Turkey in or out

urkey: in or outA debate that has been going on more recently on media and Internet is Turkey' s EU membership. Turkey applied for membership in 1959 to the European Economic Community, which was the ... igning, called the Ankara agreement, where the aiming was to enter a customs union and eventually a membership. Additionally a first financial protocol to the initial agreement was also signed. This h ...

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