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Breach of confidentiality, why not to trust Shrinks

This is due to the social stigma which society attaches to people, when they seek assistance from a mental health professional. Consequently it is very difficult for any person to establish a trusting ... hen deciding that he, indeed, was temporarily insane.Now these determinations are made by qualified mental health professionals. Nevertheless other obstacles are still being encountered. In the beginn ...

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The role of occupational therapists in mental health care.

"The role of occupational therapists in mental health care"One of the main reasons why it has become necessary to look in more detail at the ... easons why it has become necessary to look in more detail at the role of occupational therapists in mental health care is the changing role of health care professionals in general which has taken plac ... ves and the autonomy of the health care recipient. Consequently, professionals in various fields of mental health care are re-evaluating their roles, both in terms of their own professional competence ...

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Mental HealthDefinition of Mental Health"A term used by doctors and other health professionals to de ... erencesThere is quite a large distinction as Cultural and gender differences have a great effect on Mental health. This could basically be anything for example the Britain of today has many people wit ... ent background.Most of what is summarised in this piece of work concentrates mainly with Racism and Mental Health.DEFINING RACISMCentral to understanding the steps towards promoting the principles of ...

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

lead researchers to the conclusion that chemical imbalance within the brain, in addition to environmental influences, causes this disorder. OCD, now recognizes as one of the most common psychiatric i ... m engaging in compulsive behavior and thoughts. In fact, no laboratory test can identify OCD, but a mental health professional who knows the disorder can conduct a specific type of interview to determ ...

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Pacific Counseling

Pacific Counseling Association is to provide the following services: 1. To serve as a preventative mental health center servicing the ethnic minority community.2. To assume social, political, and edu ... the ethnic minority community at large on issues affecting that community.3. To provide specialized mental health training with the goal of enhancing the awareness and sensitivities of mental health p ...

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Stages of Team Development

n the benefits for patient care and team members that can be gained from developing team working in mental health care. Despite such growing evidence there is very little to suggest that team developm ... evidence there is very little to suggest that team development initiatives are being carried out in mental health settings. In order to develop team working in health care, it is important to do a ful ...

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Abraham Maslow

od another. This category also includes the need to achieve stability, law and order, job security, health insurance and financial security. This pyramid level predominately has a greater effect on ch ...

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