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MERCURYIn Roman mythology Mercury is messenger of the gods, and son of the god Jupiter. Mercury is t ... nd mass are about : that of the earth; and its density is approximately equal to that of the earth. Mercury revolves about the sun in a period of 88 days. Radar observations of the planet show that it ... alf times during each revolution. Because its surface consists of rough, porous, dark-colored rock, Mercury is a poor reflector of sunlight. Mercury is the second smallest planet in the solar system a ...

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- good essay. watch akward structures!Laolee XiongPeriod 22/26/97MERCURYMercury is the closest planet to the sun. It's average distance from the sun is approximately ... about 1/18 that of the earth and it's average density is approximately equal to that of the earth. Mercury's magnetic field is one-hundred times weaker than that of Earth's. Mercury has the shortest ... hat its period of rotation is 58.7 days, or two-thirds of its period of revolution. That means that Mercury has one and one-half days in it's year.Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere, but it does have ...

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Luminescence of Black Light

the dark.'There are several sources of ultra-violet light. These sources are: the sun, carbon arcs, mercury arcs, and blacklights. In most cases, the production of ultra-violet light creates a reasona ...

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World Issues

ubstances at a faster rate than the environment can accommodate.Certain pollutants like arsenic and mercury have natural levels in naturebut only if these levels exceed certain critical values, will i ...

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The Reactivity of Metals and Their Discovery

ape, and ductile means that they can be formed and shaped into wires. Metals are solids (except for mercury and gallium), and they tend to be very strong and can hold big masses and weights.Now, in 18 ... acts with oxygen, and so, steel, an alloy of iron, was invented.The next metal to be discovered was Mercury, in 1500 B.C. Mercury is one of the Transition Metals, and one of the two metals that is in ...

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"Gas Law Variables" It describes volume, pressure, and amount of gas.

e you have to learn to use all three units.· Atmosphere (symbol: atm)· Millimeters of mercury (symbol: mm Hg)· kiloPascals (symbol: kPa)Standard pressure is defined as one atm, 76 ...

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Tungsten (the element).

categorized as a transition metal. Among the other transition metals there are Iron, Cobalt, Gold, Mercury and others. Tungsten can be used in wires and light bulbs as well as other things because it ...

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Pascal and his life table.

ts with the barometer and the theory of air preassure. These experiments involved placing a tube of mercury upside down in a bowl of mercury. Pascal repeated Toricelli's experiments and did more work ... . In the Experiences Pascal explains the reasons why a genuine vacume could and did exist above the mercury in the barometer. In defending these conclusions against Father Noel, rector of the College ...

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Report on the planet pluto

un. It is also the ninth planet from the sun. And is the smallest planet-less then half the size of Mercury. Another reason Pluto is unusual is that its moon, Charon is more than half its size! In fac ...

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A Brief History of the Periodic Table

de in antiquity, with the discovery of obvious elements such as gold, silver, tin, copper, lead and mercury. In 1649, the first scientific discovery of an element occurred in 1649 when Hennig Brand di ...

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The Possibilities of Space Exploration

next couple of years, and a mission to Mars will occur around 2015. In May, a probe will be sent to Mercury. NASA is sending a spacecraft to fly around Venus and Mercury, hopefully creating a map of t ...

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An Experience I will never forget!

n minutes before it finally subsided, leaving my abdominal muscles sore as never before.Outside the mercury rose in the sweltering Vietnamese heat as midday approached. I was in Vietnam participating ...

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Mercury (Planet)

Mercury is the closest planet to sun and second smallest in solar system (1st is Pluto). The orbit o ... he sun Perihelion is 46 million kilometers and farthest approach Aphelion is 70 million kilometers. Mercury's diameter is 4875 kilometers. Its mass is about 3.30 x 1026 grams or 1/18th or 0.06% of Ear ... . Its mean density is 5.44 grams per cm3 which is about equal to that of Earth's 5.5 grams per cm3. Mercury's closest approach to the earth is 91700000 kilometers and farthest approach is 218900000 ki ...

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Gold, and it's Properties

. Gold can now be extracted from seawater, and the particle accelerator can make gold from lead and mercury. It can also create an unstable form of gold from platinum and iridium, both of which are a ...

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d portfolios are the approaches that are responsible for the success of Merrill Lynch.Merrill Lynch Mercury's investment philosophies are as follows:A belief in active management:Merrill Lynch Investm ... rtfolio) and extensive procedures further enhances accuracy of all auditing.ComplianceMerrill Lynch Mercury has a dedicated compliance department, which operates on a real time basis, analysing all de ...

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Honesty is the best policy. "Mercury and the Woodsman"

t and moral rightness in your conscience. I think this quote is show the best through a fable named Mercury and the woodsman.A woodsman was cutting down a tree on the bank of a river. When his axe hit ... k it flew out of his hands and into the water. He stood by the edge of the water mourning his loss. Mercury appeared and asks him why he was sad. The woodsman told mercury the story and out of pity me ...

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Reporting Of Injuries, Diseases And Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR)

from exposure to a biological agent, its toxins or infected material-Certain poisonings, including mercury-Electrical short circuit or overload causing fire or explosion-Accidental release of any sub ...

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Mercury In Greek Mythology

Mercury, known in Greek mythology as Hermes, is probably one of the most well known gods in Rome. He ... mes, is probably one of the most well known gods in Rome. He is also one of the most liked deities. Mercury represents many, many things ranging from being the god of cunning to the messenger god. He ... 5 BC and his festival is on the 15th of May. He was undoubtedly a favorite of the gods. Even though Mercury was a very popular god, he was not a very important one.Mercury is considered to be a beardl ...

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Why Communism Won The West

vices that compete for the same business with the same customers? For example, a hospital uses both mercury and electronic thermometers. If this is the case, what are the competing products or service ...

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Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Study Notes

burn the skin at room temperatureNever add water to concentrated acidsDo not taste chemicalsLiquid Mercury and its vapours are hazardous; it should never come in contact with the skin. Use the mercur ...

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