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Title: Not Enough Smiley Faces this is a light hearted personal essay about addiction to AOL

tion, followed by what we may or may not have had in common. I would get to know someone on Instant Messenger, and I had categories set up on my buddy list as to whom I knew from where, whom I liked a ...

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MERCURY history and statistics (facts)

In Greek mythology there is a god named Hermes, messenger of the gods, he travels from here and there in such great speeds, helping the gods deliver ... ercury, the planet, received its name from the quick speed that it travels around the sun, like the messenger. Mercury also has a alias of its own, the Greeks gave it two names, Apollo as a morning st ... e sun. All in all it was very interesting to learn all the things that I have while researching the Messenger planet. I was completely uneducated about the impressive planet Mercury prior to completin ...

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Joan of Arc & Bipolar Disorder

fold. Begun as a prophecy, the story shows Joan's psychosis as a form of religiosity. The film "The Messenger" sticks to this idea, but also portraits Joan's condition in form with the criteria for Bi ... its Joan's condition in form with the criteria for Bipolar I disorder with psychotic symptoms. "The Messenger" tells the story of a charismatic girl with delusions of grandiosity and hallucinations. ...

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The theme 'History Repeating itself' in "Strange objects" by Gary Crew.

rtrayed in the novel through what happened to Jan Pelgrom in the past, repeating itself with Steven Messenger in the present.The stories of Pelgrom and Messenger that develop in Strange Objects run al ... k, broke away from Wouter Loos and killed a female Aborigine. In the story from the present, Steven Messenger also found the same ring that glows, became ill, distanced himself from his mother and soc ...

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