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Life in Sparta

slaves to work it. The land for used these cleroi was usually the newly conquered and very fertile Messenian land. The native inhabitants of Messenia were made into the Spartans slaves. They were cal ... m. It is not known when Alcman lived although many historians thought he lived just after the first Messenian war. After finding a fragment of his work, it is now though that he lived around 610 BC. H ...

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How Far Does The Period 478-404 Bear Out The Contention That "Spartan Policy Is Always Governed Mainly By The Necessity Of Taking Precautions Against The Helots"?

the previous inhabitants of thatarea were enslaved and became known as the Helots. The invasions ofMessenia and Helos around 740BC also gained Sparta a large number ofHelots. A third social class als ... his "along with their numbers, thepermanence of the breed, and their national identity (most were ofMessenian origin) made them an ever present menace to Sparta's society"according to WG Forrest.The y ...

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s set on of the most voluptuous lands in southwestern Peloponnesus. The Spartans set out to conquer Messenia in the first Messenian War which lasted for twenty years. Due to the strong and determined ... sted for twenty years. Due to the strong and determined Spartans as well as their oppression of the Messenian people; the Messenian's revolted and became so stubborn that it began the second Messenian ...

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Trace how Sparta developed into the most militarily effective state in Greece (800- 550BC).

the survival of its people. "With our king, Theopompus dear to the gods, through whom we took wide Messenia, Messenia excellent for ploughing and excellent for planting…" The conquest of Messi ...

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Athenian Democracy

hey were extremely over populated as result of state slaves. They therefore, were forced to conquer Messenia and reduce it's inhabitants to state slaves as well. This inturn casued the heluts (slaves) ...

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This is my report on Sparta and Athens, two very

y needed more fertile land for their increasing population, so they looked southwest to the land of Messenia. They conquered the Messenians and took their fertile plains.         The M ... in 640 B.C., almost beating the Spartans, and almost destroying the whole city itself. So now, the Messenian population outnumbered their population ten to one. It wouldn’t be long before the Mess ...

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