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Ways of understanding.

y that I was brought up and the environment that I am in defines the way that I look at things. The metacognition shapes what choices I could make or not make.An example of myself using self-knowledge ...

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How do you promote the development of metacognition?First described by Flavell (1978) and Brown (1978) (Paris & Winograd, 2003) metaco ... helps guide you onto the path of being an effectual learning, or as Croskerry (2003) describes it, metacognition is a "reflective approach to problem solving that involves stepping back from the imme ... ervation and learning ( McInerney & McInerney, 2002) and research shows that the acquisition of metacognition can be promoted through instructional intervention (Boekaerts, 1997). Brown (1980) sug ...

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Thinking of thinking

and life slaps you around a bit, it makes you think a little more about everything. I like to think Metacognition (thinking of thinking) is the first step to a well understood and more clear life.As a ...

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