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Outline some of the challenges to the police service in the 'post-Macpherson' era. Discuss this statement with reference to the contribution of public sector partnerships.

e post Macpherson era.Macpherson reportThe Macpherson Report was an inquiry into the failure of the Metropolitan Police to successfully apprehend the killers of Stephen Lawrence. Stephen was an 18 yea ... April 1993. The Macpherson report concluded a damning assessment of institutional racism within the Metropolitan police and policing in general.It made 70 recommendations the main ones being:· ...

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Describe Law and Order in the Late Nineteenth Century

ronment.Sir Robert Peel was the founder of the first major reform of law enforcement, which was the Metropolitan Police Act on 29th September in 1829. This was because he didn't think the current meth ... because he didn't think the current methods of maintaining law and order were effective enough. The Metropolitan Police meant that 13,200 men were employed to patrol an area extending 7 miles from the ...

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History of Law Enforcment

OF LAW ENFORCEMENTThe early police forces in nineteenth-century America were modeled in part on the Metropolitan Police of London, formed in 1829 by Robert Peel (hence the nicknames "peelers" and "bob ...

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What were Sir Robert Peel's 12 principles of reform and how do each of them stand up today? Support your answer.

Peel's Principals, established with the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829, (Johnson, H. & Wolfe, N., 2003, pg 211)1.) The police must be s ...

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