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Comment on the statement that the police (UK) can abuse their powers even now?

nd The Macpherson reports into the death of the black London teenager Stephen Lawrence labelled the Metropolitan Police institutionally racist. The police can avoid looking racist by stopping and sear ...

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Outline some of the challenges to the police service in the 'post-Macpherson' era. Discuss this statement with reference to the contribution of public sector partnerships.

e post Macpherson era.Macpherson reportThe Macpherson Report was an inquiry into the failure of the Metropolitan Police to successfully apprehend the killers of Stephen Lawrence. Stephen was an 18 yea ... April 1993. The Macpherson report concluded a damning assessment of institutional racism within the Metropolitan police and policing in general.It made 70 recommendations the main ones being:· ...

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Describe Law and Order in the Late Nineteenth Century

ronment.Sir Robert Peel was the founder of the first major reform of law enforcement, which was the Metropolitan Police Act on 29th September in 1829. This was because he didn't think the current meth ... because he didn't think the current methods of maintaining law and order were effective enough. The Metropolitan Police meant that 13,200 men were employed to patrol an area extending 7 miles from the ...

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How has the ownership of the policing function changed since 1829? Discuss this statement illustrating changes in private and public policing.

ject of crime and policing. It was not until 1829, when Robert Peel became Home Secretary, that the Metropolitan Police Act was passed and the Metropolitan Police Force was established.Post 1829Sir Ro ... Constabulary in 1812, and it had proved to be a great success. This led to the introduction of the Metropolitan Police Act, which provided permanently appointed and paid Constables. This new force al ...

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How does the play "The Removalist" present a view of Australia Masculinity?

lored in "The Removalists" is that of men'sdominance, especially over womens. Simmonds (the veteran police sergeant) showsauthority toward Ross (a new recruit) and are both excessively violent towards ... s 'men-orientated'.Another, perhaps even more important issue explored in The Removalists isthat of police corruption. Simmonds and Ross are corrupt police officers, one beinglacking responsibility as ...

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Discrimination in the British Police

n an equal apportioned recruitment drive was launched in order to boost the number of police in the Metropolitan Police Force from the ethnic minorities at the same time as reducing the numbers of une ... ugh of not being believed.In a recent London case, the case of Sarah Locker, a policewoman with the Metropolitan Police was denied her two equal opportunities by the aspect of her race and gender, alt ...

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Evaluate the changes recommended by the Macpherson Report to combat racism in policing

ace is superior to another.There is a link between race and crime. It was asserted in 1995 when the metropolitan commissioner, Sir Paul Condon, stated that 80 percent of mugging in high crime areas we ... ystem. The inquiry found that institutional racism played a part in the flawed investigation by the metropolitan police service(MPS)of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, notably in the treatment of the L ...

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The importance of preserving a crime/incident scene cannot be understated. Describe and explain the critical steps required by the first attending officer at the crime/incident scene.

rival can prevent ... further injury, or even loss of life'. This priority is reiterated in the NSW Police Service Handbook 'Crime Scenes' (2004), which begins their list of steps (for the first offic ... t whilst attempting to prevent the disruption, touching or the trampling of potential evidence (NSW Police, 2004). As well as destroying evidence, it is possible to leave evidence at the scene, for ex ...

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Community Policing Report Proposal

o protect and serve communities does not abate just because an agency has financial problems. Local police agencies must instead find creative ways to "Do more with Less" during tough financial period ... find creative ways to "Do more with Less" during tough financial periods. Peak's (2001) Dismal City Police Dept.'s Command to "Do more with Less" case study report illustrates an increasingly common p ...

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Discrimination experienced by ethnic minorities. Discuss the significance of this, with reference to Social Work values and ethics, for social work practice.

acism. The Inquiry found that institutional racism played a part in the flawed investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, in the failure of officers to recogni ...

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Early Roots of Policing

encies in today's society have been used for over a hundred years. When Sir Robert Peel created the Metropolitan Police when he served as Home Secretary of England in 1829, he established "The Nine Pr ... ciples that Peel created to help support the belief that people are the police, when he started the Metropolitan Police and how each of the concepts applies to policing in today's society.The first pr ...

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