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Maternal Deprivation This essay intends to define 'Maternal' and 'Deprivation' and Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation Hypothesis (1953).

's Maternal Deprivation Hypothesis (1953). Following this, I aim to discuss some of the research of Michael Rutter (1976 and 1981), Tizard and Hodges (1978), and Cockett and Tripp (1994) who all chall ... hological damage.However, Bowlby was not alone in looking at the effects of separation on children. Michael Rutter (1981) said that he generally supported Bowlby's study, but through his own study, Is ...

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maternal deprivation-Bowlby

isruption during the attachment stages was responsible for this.However this research was argued by Michael Rutter, he suggested that Bowlby did not consider the differences between deprivation and pr ...

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