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An original play that is a take off on Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Wendy's 8 year old brother ChadMom:Wendy's abused motherLaurenRed:Wendy's abusive step-fatherAnthonyMichelle:Wendy's good friendHelenaTina:Pete's ex-girlfriend who helps him around the houseAudreyMr. ... m:runaway at Pete's houseSarah:runaway at Pete's houseJackie:runaway at Pete's houseACT 1:Wendy and Michelle walking up to Wendy's house.Michelle:How are you dealing with all you family problems?Wendy ...

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Internet Control

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Who will most likely be elected the next president of the United States?

determining role. The spouse looked at as being more beneficial could make a difference in the end. Michelle Obama is seen as being more of a moral spouse and is a mother who understands the needs of ... is term as president, particularly reflecting his morals regarding his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Michelle Obama also is a very positive influence in Barack's campaign, pushing him and in some cases ...

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frederick douglous

ries, and run errands. Fast food eventually gets easier than cooking a home cooked meal.First Lady, Michelle Obama also agrees that obesity is a huge problem in America. Mrs. Obama created an anti-obe ... lunches, and make food and drinks that are more healthy for the public (Darlene Superville). So far Michelle Obama has gotten food and beverage manufactures as well as Americas largest retailer, Walma ...

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American Dream

yieldingly. Another person that found his American dream through hard work was Fraser Robinson lll, Michelle Obama's father. Robinson had a dream for his kids to have the opportunity to do better than ... stayed home with the kids. And on that single salary, he provided for his family and sent my wife, Michelle, and her brother to college." Robinson worked hard to provide for his family; he did what h ...

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Obesity in America

moderate the increasing epidemic of obesity. The real question is what they can do. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, took the initiative to start a program called "Let's Move" for children to be physic ...

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French Essay

jeuner ils veulent à l'école.Dans les lycées partout au les États-Unis, Michelle Obama tente de changer la façon dont les élèves mangent. Elle a mis en ...

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