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"Little Green Men or Just Little Microscopic Organisms? - the question of Life on Mars"

the kind you would never consider of giving the name "Martian" to. They are small organisms such as microbes or bacteria. Proof of this was found in a meteorite containing the fossils of the mi ... l idea. The climate of Mars about 3.8 billion years ago was much similar to the young Earth. Microbes and bacteria probably sprouted everywhere in the warm and wet climate. Although now we only ...

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My opinion on life on Mars

till, I wish that we would have found remains of an ancient civilization instead of tiny carbonized microbes. Even though, it is a step in the right direction. I once saw pictures of some sort of pyra ...

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AntibioticsAn antibiotic, is defined to be a drug produced by certain microbes. Most doctors use antibiotics to help fight the germs in a patient. Antibiotics are obtaine ... loped a method of isolating and growing bacteria. Scientists tried developing drugs that could kill microbes, but they proved to be either dangerous or ineffective.In 1928 there was a discovery by Ale ... angerous reactions to the antibiotics are one is allergic reactions, two is the eradication of good microbes, and three is the damage of organs and tissues.Most allergic reactions are not that bad. It ...

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HIV / AIDS Adequacy Program

S are susceptible to life-threatening diseases called opportunistic infections, which are caused by microbes that usually do not cause illness in healthy people.More than 600,000 cases of AIDS have be ...

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oning can occur naturally, but cloning can also be the result of biotechnology - "the harnessing of microbes and other cells to produce useful materials and facilitate industrial processes" - or more ...

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Germ mutation and innaproiat antibiotic use.

causing bacteria. But only four years after drug companies began mass-producing penicillin in 1943, microbes began appearing that could resist it because of biological mixing, human amplification and ... nes to become resistant is also another factor in the fight on infectious diseases. Disease-causing microbes stop antibiotics by interfering with their mechanism of action. For example, penicillin kil ...

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Administering different antibiotics to Streptococcus salivarius will prohibit growth at different rates.

that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Bacteria manufacture substances to inhibit or kill other microbes. Stated in Antibiotics and Disinfectants, "some antibiotics are used widely therapeutically ... ate between the pathogen and natural flora host which sometimes leads to the destruction of helpful microbes.Streptococcus salivarius is also known as Viridans streptococci. It is a Gram positive cocc ...

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Biology career research on immunology

immune system - the dynamic network of cells and molecules that has evolved to respond to invading microbes and thereby protect our bodies from the diseases they cause. Immunology, which has its root ... edical research. The aim of immunology is to understand how the immune system responds to dangerous microbes and how some have evolved means to escape immunity and cause disease. It is also the study ...

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Earth vs. Mars

.Life Yes. Unknown.Intelligent life Some would say so. No, probably microbes at best.Distance from Sun 1 astronomical unit (AU), or about 93 million miles (150 ...

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The Study of Germs

s. But that is not always a bad thing, because humans could not live without germs. Some germs, or "microbes" help digest food, while others produce vitamins. Most of the time, people and germs coexis ...

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The Effect of Exotic Diseases Josh de Salles

tion density, newly inhabited areas, increased travel, new generation without immunity, mutation in microbes, over use of antibiotics, poverty/poor sanitation, and change in human activities. Diseases ... frightens many. Some of the factors that help contribute to prove this correct are the mutation of microbes, poorly sanitized countries/poverty, and the fact of no vaccines or cures are to be found. ...

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ection presents a constant threat of pneumonia and death. Nearly all will die of diseases caused by microbes that are everywhere in the environment, and harmless to the normal, healthy individual. It ... llapsed. As a result, the individual becomes susceptible to infection by a variety of environmental microbes. These microbes present no problem to the healthy individual, but can be fatal to the AIDS ...

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Report and reaction to "Guns, Germs, and Steel."

followed by no more cases again for a time. Since many of these diseases are restricted to humans, microbes causing these diseases are not normally found in the soil or other animals. They spread qui ... ows for populations to become better protected against a disease as a whole. However, many of these microbes have been able to evolve allowing for resistance which has resulted in a continuous battle ...

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Influential Factors Relating to the Achievement Gap

ople are not created equal. Since the dawn of day there have been dominant groups from the smallest microbes to emperors, kings and slave owners. Even in the wild all animals are not created equal. Pe ...

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Microbiology Described.

the world in which we live.Part one of this essay will deal with defining bacteria, viruses, fungi, microbes, and pirons. Part two of the essay will focus on indigenous micro flora that is on and in t ... According to Jenson and Wright (1989) a pathogen is a disease-producing organism.They also describe microbes as organisms that are often too small to be seen without the aid of a microscope. Microbes, ...

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Effect of Environment on Phenotype

will be due to the environmental factor and not the genes.Risks Assessment:* Potting mixes contain microbes including bacteria/fungi* Inhalation of dust may irritate the nose/throat/lungs* Direct con ...

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bacterium found on the human body out numbers the total number of human cells 10 to 1(Live Science).Microbes found on the skin on ones hands, is contracted from anything and everything, from opening d ... hesised that Mircroshield (the surgical hand wash) will be the most effective in removing traces of microbes present on the subjects hands.2.0 MethodologyThis investigation was testing on the followin ...

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Infectious diseases

fected animal or person to another person or animal. It is also called a contagious disease.Not all microbes can cause disease. The ones that can are called pathogens. Pathogens have developed to infe ...

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Chemosynthetic Autotrophs

, and most importantly, in the absence of life-giving light. How is this possible? Chemoautotrophic microbes. Chemoautotrophic bacteria are the primary producers on the ocean floor, where light ... have tried to study chemoautotrophs, but have had minimal success. The trouble with many species of microbes is that they can only survive in a flawless reproduction of their environment. For instance ...

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Genetic Engineering

occur together under ordinary circumstances. "Practices that go back centuries, such as the use of microbes to make wine, cheese, and the selective breeding of livestock and crops, are examples of bi ...

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