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"Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by R.L Stevenson.

ll and he can't turn backinto himself , he stays in the body of Mr. Hyde, the dreadful, ugly, littlemidget whom nobody likes. He decides to hide in his study upstairs and tellshis servants that he is ...

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Top 10 Most Important Facts About Pearl Harbor

, 188 planes were destroyed, and 162 planes were damaged. Japan had lost 64 people,29 planes, and 5 midget subs.9.) The encountered messages that were ignored. The U.S. government had intercepted 10 m ...

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Nanothechnology, present and future

it could be one of the most important words to know.The word is derived from the Greek word for midget, nano, and teks (technology), meaning to fabricate, or create. In metric terminology nano is ...

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riends that she also knew. Everything that she was familiar with seemed to have shrunken. She was a midget, a vertically challenged old person, nothing could help her now. She gazed up at the world ab ... ng out ...Luckily I jumped out of the car barely saving my life but she was gone and guess what the midgets where after me now with my luck I found a cave to hide in for a while until it was clear but ...

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Midget Village One Saturday night, I left the house to go to a friend's house, and the last ... t. They told me the idea, and they were right, I didn't want to do it. The idea was to go to Midget Village, which was about twenty minutes away. I rejected the idea at first because I have hea ... dea at first because I have heard stories about the village and I wasn't too enthusiastic about it. Midget Village (Midget Vil') is a secluded neighborhood for little people. Kids go there and drive a ...

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living the life below 5 feet

as a special respect to have for myself in ways I didn't understand.As I grew older things such as "midget" or "little person" began becoming a common word placed in my head on different occasions. I ...

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