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Michael Johnson

fastest human being can run at? If so, the average speed of a human being is approximately 10 - 15 miles per hour. The person I'm going to introduce to you today, has been reported to clock speeds up ...

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Types of Skiing

sm. Downhill racing is the fastest Alpine ski racing sport. Champion skiers reach speeds of over 90 miles per hour on the steep, strait parts of the course. The turns call for immense skill and powerf ... called moguls, and steep pitches add to the hazards. The course ranges from about 1 and a half to 3 miles long. The fastest recorded speed for a man on skis is 129.827 miles per hour. The fastest reco ...

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Public MIsunderstanding of Officer Safety

lian.Imagine for a moment that you are a police officer on duty. You observe a vehicle traveling 36 miles per hour on a 30 mile per hour road. You decide to stop the vehicle and give the driver a verb ...

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alcohol use prior to sex

out. What do many teenage boys have on their mind? They want to go cruising down the highway at 80 miles per hour with the windows down. Find some beer, and some women that they can get drunk, have s ...

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Imagine speeding through a construction site at 80 milesper hour. Not knowing what terrain is coming up next. Youcould speed away and be OK or you coul ...

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Maglev consequences

on, maglev vehicles can be designed to travel at extremely high speeds,500 kilometers per hour (300 miles per hour), or more!Americans traveled 3.2 trillion passenger kilometers (2 trillion passenger ... ) bycar, truck, bus, and public transit, and 9.8 billion passenger kilometers (6.1 billionpassenger miles) on Amtrak. As populations have grown the traditional systems havebecome stressed. Congestion ...

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Volvo, the collectable classic

n about $5000-$7000. The car was comfortable cruising at speeds of 60-70mph while getting a nice 29 miles to the gallon. The vehicle traveled from 0 to 60 in a nice thirteen seconds, which was better ... econds, which was better than the sportier two seater cars. The car had an over all top speed of 93 miles per hour, which was amazing for a 1.6 liter engine.In 1961 the company came out with same car ...

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The trial of Billy Mitchell

the air speed record for that period of time of a screaming two-hundred and twenty-four point five miles per hour. He went on trial for speaking out about the Navy.Mitchell promised Congress, and the ...

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History of porsche

They designed anamphibious car called the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen that could reach speeds up to 95 milesper hour. The Porsche company wanted to continue the design but Volkswagen did not see anysort ...

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This is a exemplification essay about road rage.

cle. This vehicle had many blind spots that the driver could not help. We were traveling sixty-five miles per hour when we approached an entrance ramp to our right, and we could not merge into the lef ...

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Henry Ford, A profiteer or good man? The title of this biography is henry Ford's Life.

Detroit Edison Company.In 1896, Ford Built a car that had a 4 horse power engine that could hit 20 miles per hour! A very fast speed back then. He named it the Quadricycle Runabout and the automobile ...

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Bigger: describes how and why Americans was to eat more, drive bigger cars, ect. Culture of excess in America discussed

BiggerIt happens every day; some moron cruising at eighty miles per-hour down a residential street, his flashy, raised, big-rimmed SUV "bumping" to the beat o ...

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Personal Interest: Snowboarding

ding sideways on my snowboard, I love the thrill of gliding down mountain slopes at speeds up to 65 miles per hour. I love to spray snow into the air like frozen rainbows. At times, I would daringly j ...

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The modern commercial airplane. Safety, propulsion and aerodynamics.

e of the most impressive pieces of machinery. It can carry tons of cargo, fly well over one hundred miles per hour several thousand feet in the air, and is one of the safest forms of transportation on ... hey lose. If all engine power were lost at cruise altitude, a typical jet could glide more than 100 miles before landing at sea level.Many people are very afraid of flying. They think that flying isn' ...

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This essay is an essay that I had to write on something that infuriated me.

waited patiently for the car to quicken speed. After an entire two minutes of driving nearly twenty miles per hour below the speed limit I became flustered and accelerated to the point that I was righ ...

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UFOs this paper is a research paper about unexplained sightings, hoaxes, and the Roswell incodent. This paper is complete with parenthetical sitations and a work sited page.

raveling past one mountain to the other. The objects were estimated to be traveling at about 13,000 miles per hour(Randles,59).After UFO sightings occur, strange people often visit. These people are u ...

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The Hindenburg Disaster

nz diesel engines that enabled the airship to travel at speeds of up to 132 kilometres per hour (82 miles per hour). In May 1936 the Hindenburg did it's first scheduled air service across the Atlantic ...

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What's a Tsunami?

wave that reaches from the sea's surface to the floor and travels horizontally at speeds up to 500 miles per hour and reaches heights between 50 and 100 feet. The great pulse of water usually passes ... from crest to trough is usually only a few feet, and the distance between two crests more than 100 miles. The wave's speed equals the square root of the product of acceleration and the water depth. I ...

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The Ride of Your Life The story of Lyn St.James

ng at over 10,000rpm's and the nerve wracking pitch changeas an open wheel race car flies by at 200 miles per hour are sounds everybody knows.Sitting in the custom molded race seat a few inches off th ...

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you need to keep. To explain this, there are posted speed limits on the road. You can go about five miles per hour above the speed limit, but if you don't stay within the limits you get some sort of p ...

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