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To what extent does the role of President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 support the view that "We manufacture heroes simply because they occupy great positions"?

ssile Crisis was the closest the world had come to nuclear war to that point in history. The Soviet military commanders were ready to launch nuclear weapons in their quest to defend Cuba and the armed ... igs incident in April 1961, Russia had increased the aid to Castro in Cuba and had begun to include military supplies. In August 1962, there was evidence that the Soviet Union had begun to install mis ...

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Japanese Internment Camps

Japanese Internment CampsJapan's surprise attack on the U.S. military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Dec. 7, 1941, caused the United States to enter World War ... s pressure, on February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which authorized military commanders to designate military areas from which "any or all persons may be excluded." The ... individuals were placed in army style barracks. The only furnishings provide by the government was military issue cots stuffed with straw, one blanket, and a small stove per barrack for heating. A sa ...

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The study of history has value only to the extent that it is relevant to our daily lives.

s made by past commanders. From the ancient Chinese author Sun Tzu's book "The Art of War", today's military commanders and even business leaders gather valuable information that allows them to operat ... y. The study of this type of history has a value beyond the daily lives of people. It can lead to a military victory or the success of a business that directly affects what happens in the future, incl ...

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Napoleon the People's General

769-1821), emperor of the France, who made reforms after the French Revolution. One of the greatest military commanders of all time, he conquered the larger part of Europe and did much to modernize th ... chom 2); therefore Napoleon's original nationality was Corsican-Italian. In 1779 Napoleon went to a military-college at Brienne in France (Schom 3). There he took a great interest in history, especial ...

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Biography report for a military class on GEN JOHN J "BLACK" PERSHING, the great WWI General. 5 pages, B+

Gen. John J. "Black Jack" PershingGeneral John Pershing was one of the greatest military commanders and leaders of the last century. His dedication to his men, his job, his loyalty ... irst out of sixteen applicants in a competitive examination for an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. After attending a tutoring academy run by former Confederate officer ... rain of Ulysses S. Grant passed by. It was at West Point that he receives his nickname "Black Jack".MILITARY SERVICEIn September 1886, 2nd Lt. Pershing reports for duty with 6th Cavalry at Fort Bayard ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte

monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, and finally to a republic. Napoleon was one of the greatest military commanders of all time. But, even though how great Napoleon was, something about how Napol ... was a hero in France and also in most of Europe. Napoleon's heroic efforts include his remarkable military accomplishments, his ability to promote and advance the wide-ranging social, economic, and ...

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President Johnson.

ws, but he was really against them. He chose people who liked the ex-confederates to serve as south military commanders. Johnson opposed a law passed by congress. This law was passed in 1867. The law ...

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The Conquests of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, a Macedonian King, is considered one of the most successful and influential military commanders in world history. Alexander was born in July of 356 BC, at Pella, Macedon. He wa ... 59 to 336 BC. Alexander's accomplishments may not have been achieved if it weren't for his father's military and political efforts. Philip's military work included fortifying the Macedonian army and e ...

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Was Napoleon A Great Man?

f history, although with both positive and negative consequences. He was one of history's greatest military commanders and succeeded in conquering most of Europe and did much to modernize the nations ... was also too ambitious, and made the fatal mistake of invading Russia.Napoleon's strength as a military commander was a major contributing factor to his success in conquering much of Europe. Nap ...

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"Through the Tunnel" by Doris Lessing - AP Essay

Alexander the Great was one of the most successful military commanders in history; by the time of his death, he had conquered most of the world known t ... tory. His fame has endured the passing of centuries, and he will forever be lauded as the "greatest military genius of all times". His achievements would never have been attained if he was not determi ...

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Hannibal: Defeat of a Superior Commander

Roman history is filled with bloody wars and great military victories and losses. One of the most important of these wars was the Second Punic War foug ... not, in the end, overcome these factors to conquer Rome, Hannibal is considered one of the greatest military commanders of all time, and his tactics are still studied today.Hannibal’s genius star ... Alps led to victory and proved his supremacy over the Roman commander.Hannibal was well trained in military theory and strategy by his father, who made him swear an oath of “undying hostility to ...

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Why the Germans Lost and why It took the Allies so Long to win

Hitler's focus almost instantly after the defeat of France had turned to the Soviet Union. But the military's command had moved in that direction even faster than Hitler.It was early July 1940 when G ... ys of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. While Hitler apparently never bothered to consult his senior military leaders - many of whom he was sacking for the troubles in the east - there is little eviden ...

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