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Red guards (mao zedong)

group of kids who mostly in their teens and some in college were putinto this gang. This so-called military force was called the Red Guards.Groups of these Red Guards traveled from the large cities a ...

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A Brief History of the Irish Republican Army.

In 1916, an unofficial military force was established, aimed at gaining independence, and unity, among all thirty-two count ... A ordering volunteers to drop arms (3).During the 1950's the IRA conducted violent raids on British military bases to seize weapons. This was in preparation for a campaign conducted between 1956 and 1 ... A and the British Government occurred during the Truces. They amounted to nothing, and were used as military strategy by the British.In August of 1994, a cessation of military operations was announced ...

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American Involvement in Iraq and its Consistency with Canadian Foreign Policy

f the world media. Different countries havetaken a stand which is either for or against any kind of military action to be taken by the UnitedStates against Iraq.American Foreign Policy On IraqThe Amer ... y insistthat the Iraqi regime, not their civilians, is the threat to the United States.America sees military force as a last resort which now seems necessary because of Iraq's failureto comply with th ...

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List and explain 3 causes to the Great War?

uropean countries to build up their armies and navies. These countries believed that having a large military force gave them strong power. The British had the best and the biggest navy, but became thr ...

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The Trail of Tears.

the Whites in Washington cared little for their situation, that either they willingly moved, or by military force they would be moved. The Indians were not ignorant savages, but hard-working farmers, ...

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The roman army.

as a small city on the Italian peninsula is amazing. Most of their success is based solely on their military might. Discussed in this paper is a small background of the military, and an outline of the ... and of the curator veteranorum (Watson 12). During the early days of the republic, there was little military force in or near the actual city of Rome. First, there was the Praetorian Guard, and later ...

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War with iraq.

help prevent the risk of an attack by a weapons of mass destruction developed by Iraq. Critics of a military action that say nothing will be gained, and the U.S. just wants to obtain the oil that Iraq ... armament of Iraq and the re-entrance of weapons inspectors into Iraq. If Iraq fails to comply, then military force would be taken in order to disarm Iraq. This proposal met opposition from council mem ...

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How the Russian Revolution affected Russia.

t, Bolsheviks, and Mensheviks fought for the power. At 1918, Bolshevils took over the government by military force. The Bolshevik government observing Marxist doctrine, abolished private property. At ...

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Conflicting Goals for the U.N. Resolution.

r 10th, the United States Congress voted on a resolution that would authorize President Bush to use military force against Iraq. The House of Representatives vote was 296 to 133, in support of the pre ... a single resolution that authorizes both weapons inspections and, if the inspections are hindered, military force. France, supported by Russia, wanted two resolutions. The first would authorize tough ...

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This is a review of Black Hawk Down against the theories of Clausewitz's Book "Three in On War".

rent foreign policy. Also, what must never be overlooked is the impact that foreign policy has upon military operations when not properly utilized. Or to put it another way, to be used as Clausewitz s ... t offer up to the minute information, clear and concise direction, and proper assets to achieve the military objective, the ultimate result of any such operation is doomed to fail. Though the final po ...

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Diversity of the american West. Immigration

ng others. This "War" consisted of rebellious Indians who were tired of the "political pressure and military force that concentrated them in reservations." (Milner, 396) Reservation sovereignty had be ...

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"should UN sanctions continue against Iraq".

t take decisive action to help destroy Iraq's capacity to threaten its neighbors. Actions including military force and support of the sanctions will be used. These sanctions will ensure the disarmamen ...

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European Imperialism Consequences for non Western nations, explains the negative and positive things about imperialism for the non-western nations

's desire to gain power, to compete with other European countries, to expand territory, to exercise military force, to gain prestige by winning colonies, and to boost national pride and security. Reli ...

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Athen's Rise To Power 478 - 445 BC

nd used that position to slowly take control of all the states allied with her through domestic and military force. Athens was too powerful for smaller states in the League to fight successfully, alth ... e League was created specifically to build a defensive alliance against the Persian invaders, using military and financial support from each of the member states. Sparta was not willing to take on the ...

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Nationalism Research Paper

ng the country a better place to live in. The nation is unlike an empire, which is held together by military force, by police, sometimes by religion as with a god-king. The empire's relationship of po ... mperor. He was independent of the legislature. Faced with the refusal of the legislature to approve military appropriations and higher taxes, he issued orders to the bureaucracy to collect the taxes. ...

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The Economics of Department of Defense Base Closures

s Initiative, the Department of Defense has forged ahead with a plan to complete multiple rounds of military base closures in order to conserve scarce Defense Department funds and resources. Despite t ... e closings are driven "more by ideology than careful planning" (Cahlink, 2004). The misalignment of military force structures and stateside military infrastructure outlined in Aldridge's briefing help ...

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Colombia, history and general information

nezuela. During 1990, a movement has been made to overthrow Colombia but due to lack of support and military force, the Guerillas have been unable to take over the government. The force still exists t ...

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The Outbreak of World War 2 A Look at Orthodox and Revisionist Theories on the Origins of World War II and Personal Response

t be contained to a local area, and why did the Allied powers allow Hitler to amass such a powerful military force? There are two major groups who hold differing opinions upon these questions: orthodo ... orthodox thinkers who claim that the French had no intention of stopping the German threat by using military force. It was the French and Belgians who entered the Rhineland with military troops to cou ...

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Is military force becoming less useful as an instrument of policy?

Military force has, throughout history always been a vital component that States have used as an ins ... size, power and influence within the realm of international politics was largely dependant upon the military force with which a country could muster.There are two schools of thought on the use of forc ... e two schools of thought on the use of force; the Complex Interdependence theory, which argues that military force is becoming an obsolete means of shaping policy and the Realists who believe that mil ...

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Agree or Disagree: "President Truman did not take effective action to prevent the spread of Communist influence following World War II."

was stronger than the League of Nations for it included all major powers and was authorized to use military force to stop aggression. The Security Council consisted of the major 5 powers were Britain ... . would support fighting China for they only have consented involvement in Korea. 3. other American military leader such as Eisenhower and Omar Bradly, the chief of staff of U.S. military opposed it. ...

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