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Norway and the world war 2

orway and World War IINorwegians were surprised and unprepared when Nazi Germany, with its superior military might, attacked Norway on 9 April 1940. The general public, and their political leaders, ha ... the war broke out in the autumn of 1939. There was a broad political consensus for this stance. The military forces were geared to protect the national borders and hinder violations of the country's n ...

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m of Justice and the Catholic Church had given Louis XVI the right to decree taxation and leader of military forces. But to keep these powers in your hand you, the monarch leader has to be a string an ...

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The Use of The Second Amendment In The American Home

rous to personal freedom.When the U.S. Constitution was written, some delegates thought Militia was military forces because the Federal Government had its own army to protect the people. The second am ... nnot be fought against. One can relate this situation to the differences between the attacking U.S. Military and the Army of Iraq, who in comparison, were virtually defenseless. A rational person woul ...

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The Subversion of Peace: America in Vietnam The American government went to great lengths to insert itself into a place it did not belong.

overeignty and national independence of all three IndoChinese states; the withdrawal of all foreign military forces; and elections to be held under local supervision"(Duiker 89). The major powers had ... tarization of the conflict. There would be "no troop reinforcements, no augmentation of weapons, no military bases, and no foreign military alliances on the part of the administration of either zone"( ...

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Study Crusader Syria as a feudal military frontier. Identify the principle weaknesses of the Crusader states. How were these weaknesses overcome?

nder constant attack from the invading Islams from the east; therefore, causing the organization of military forces on the Syrian frontier to adapt. The most pressing concern for the Christian cause w ... for the Christian cause was manpower--and what manpower was readily available was usually of little military value. Europeans crusaded in great numbers, eager to fight for the Holy Land, but very few ...

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Events that led to the start of WWII.

t were set up in these countries but rarely lasted. There was a brief Communist agreement, like the military forces and rich landowners who got together to make the first European postwar dictator who ... the only way to protect instability. To get back on track, Fascist dictatorships had a will to use military aggression.Another reason that led to the start of WWII was the weakness of the League of N ...

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War on Iraq should not have taken place.

y has "Weapons of Mass Destruction." America, a super-power nation that is especially strong in the military forces, also contain weapons that can obliterate the human race. The president of the Unite ...

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February Revolution in Russia of 1917.

ers in St Petersburg, inflamed by rumours of food-shortages. The protesters ignored the police, the military forces were sent in, and these mutinied, joining the workers. The Tsar ordered the duma to ... panicked and abdicated his throne. The Generals advised him to do this as they didn't want his weak military control. If the Tsar had been a stronger person, and looked objectively at the situation he ...

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The Treaty of Versailles to Germany.

ips, six light cruisers, twelve destroyers, and twelve torpedo boats. In addition it can't have any military forces. This is totally unfair to any country to minimize its army just because it lost in ... ust because it lost in war. So, Germany lost the war and government made it weaker after minimizing military.Another reason, from which we can tell that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair to Germany ...

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Explain the main features of Darius 1 reign.

The main features of Darius 1 reign were:Neutralizing early revoltsMilitary campaignsAdministration of the EmpireBuilding projectsNeutralizing early revoltsIn 522 BC w ... mpire was relatively content under the rule of Bardiya, as much of the empire was benefited by tax, military, and religious reforms. In little under a year, Darius was able to quell all the revolts wh ... inces, but thoroughly punished any captured rebel leader, most commonly with death. He deployed his military forces in a well-coordinated and well-timed fashion. This eventually brought peace to the e ...

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The Crisis Years

of the bipolar confrontation. Many consider them even more dangerous than the Korean War, when the military forces of West and East clashed and almost slipped into a global conflict. The early 1960s ... , Petty Officer Daniel King, charged with espionage in favour of Russia, has been released from the military prison, and the case launched against him has been dropped. The investigators did not have ...

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The threat of biological warefare

tion of biological weapons. Biological warfare is the use of disease to harm or kill an adversary's military forces, population, food sources, and livestock ( Biological weapons have ...

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Bombing of Pearl Harbor

On December 7th, 1941, The United States Military forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii were attacked by the Japanese Imperial Army. The bombing of ... going to attack Pearl Harbor.The Bombing of Pearl Harbor was a total surprise to the United States Military Forces, and to the United States government. The Japanese had sent a special envoy, Saburu ... are many different reasons why the Japanese pulled off a sneak attack on the United States biggest military base. One is that when the United States received the message from the Japanese saying that ...

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Nobles, Tyrants, and Their Effect on Greece

ey were so important and crucial in the eyes of the Greek kings. The nobles supplied cavalry to the military forces. The military depended intensely on the cavalry so without it, they were powerless.A ...

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The Korean War in the deepest darkest corner of American history

lected as the first President of the Republic of Korea. In 1949 NSC proposed the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from South Korea and the USSR from the North. This was finally accomplished in 1949. ... ot need the approval of the ROK government to sign the armistice. President Rhee had placed the ROK military forces under the UN himself. However, cooperation by the ROK was needed for the armistice t ...

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Discuss the extent to which International assistance can and should be effectively used to achieve security sector reform as part of post-conflict peace-building.

IntroductionDuring conflicts, military forces are habituated in committing egregious human rights violations, likewise are the rut ... physical security as their focus (armed forces, police, gendarmerie, border guards, militia and paramilitary institutions such as presidential guards); contribute to the development of conditions of n ... responsibility for ensuring the physical security of the state - the armed forces, the police, paramilitary organisations and, where they exist, militia organisations. This essay contends that orthod ...

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Report on Bioremediation of Contaminated-Explosive soil Instructions: Write a 2 page paper about applications of microbiology.

nd the Soviet Union."(2) TNT (2,4,6- trinitrotoluene) is one of the most popular explosives used by military forces, and due to improper handling and disposal techniques TNT and its derivatives, have ...

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Detailed Study Notes: History of the League of Nations

sion liable to have sanctions imposed. If these failed, member nations could be asked to contribute military forces to bring peace.? Article 8 called for disarmament to the lowest point consistent wit ...

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Why, and with what success, did the UN intervene in Korean War?

rnment. However, North Korea and the USSR refused to cooperate with the commission. On 25 June 1950 military forces from North Soviet Korea attacked the American South Korea. It seemed as a proxy war ...

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Mexican-American War.

rtions of the states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.As the first conflict in which U.S. military forces fought almost exclusively outside of the country, the Mexican War marked the beginni ... e of the country, the Mexican War marked the beginning of the rise of the United States as a global military power. The Mexicans, although viewed their loss of the territory in the North as, "an unnec ...

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