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Was George Washington a good general?

to her first son. Little did she know that her son, George, would later become one of the greatest military leaders of all time, and her countries first president ( was one of ... n War (Callahan p. 5).By the late 1700s, the public knew of Washington very well and his impressive military skills, just at the time the American Revolution was taking shape. In 1775, Washington was ...

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GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON JR. This report briefly describes his childhood and then gets in to his life in the military more in depth. Mostly focused on his contribution to the victories in WW II.

t the art of war. His heritage of great warrior ancestors and legacy brought out his true genius of military tactics. It has been said there were many different sides of this complex man. There was th ... oted family man, the sportsman, and the poet. Patton is considered to be one of the most impressive military leaders of World War II; he was known to always be generous in sharing the glory of victory ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon on TrialNapoleon Bonapart was the first emperor of France and one of the greatest military leaders of all time. In his reign he conquered a large part of Europe and did much to moder ...

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What are the essential ingredients to a successful military leader? Please draw your essay from the Taylor/Rosenbach text.

ESSAY ANSWER (TIMED) FOR A MIDTERM EXAMQuestion: What are the essential ingredients to a successful military leader? Please draw your essay from the Taylor/Rosenbach text. Please use the specific idea ... enerals Ridgway and SLAM Marshall offer the following checklist as to the ingredients of successful military leaders:[from Rigdway] Self-Disciplined; Willing to Sacrifice; Physically and Morally Coura ...

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Robert E. Lee: The Greatest General

General Robert E. Lee was not only a great man, but also one of the greatest military leaders in American history. He led brother against brother, and he did it all for his home ... rt because he had to care for his aging mother.In June of 1825, Robert E. Lee arrived at West Point Military Academy and at the end of four years; he graduated second in his class. ( ... his superiors. During General Scott's occupation of Mexico City, Lee worked on maps for any future military campaigns. Since Lee was a captain in the regular service, he was promoted to a brevet colo ...

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Successful Military Leadership Traits.

integrate history's lessons learned with the new challenges of leading within a heightened threat. Military leaders must maintain their grasp and focus on the technical mastery of warfighting, person ... dinates must know the fiber of a leader's character and the values by which he makes his decisions. Military leaders must share the hazards of battle and demonstrate an inexhaustible determination to ...

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Notes on vietnam war

in Washington dragged the country into an unwanted war. In contrast, a small group of scholars and military leaders offer an emotional defense of American intervention. A careful examination of the m ... Dien Bien Phu on 2 May l954. The July Geneva Agreements provided for a cease-fire and a provisional military demarcation line at the 17th parallel, pending nationwide elections for reunification in Ju ...

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The battle of Vicksburg.

which threatened to block northern commercial benefit.President Abraham Lincoln told his civil and military leaders, "See what a lot of land these fellows hold, of which Vicksburg is the key. The war ... march down the west side of the Mississippi River from Milliken's Bend to Louisiana. Leaving their military camps on March 29, Union soldiers took up the line and struggled southward over a muddy roa ...

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Louis XIV, of France, in comparison with the Stuart Kings, of England.

and character led to the greatness of France, along with delegating authority to great economic and military leaders. The Stuart Kings possessed no foresight or character, many thought of them as stup ... rned their country was reckless. Louis XIV prospered through absolute control, economic growth, and military reform. Where as, the Stuart Kings failure was due to no real control, economic turmoil, an ...

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Coral Sea - An Important Battle

a dilemma. Their conquest had progressed faster than expected; the problem was what to do next.Some military leaders suggested that Japan strike the wartorn British Empire in India and the Middle East ...

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Why the First World War lasted so long New style of warfare - attrition - trenches - stalemate

it. The war lasted as long as it did because of the new style of warfare employed and the fact that military leaders of the time were slow to realise the extent of the change warfare had undergone.The ... ison gas, flamethrowers and on a different scale late in the war, tanks. These weapons caused older military tactics to become obsolete and created a style of warfare that had never been seen in the w ...

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Japan's history-compacted into three pages

pposed rulers, the power was actually held by powerful court nobles, regents, or shogun which means military leaders.This country first came in contact with the west when a Portuguese ship accidentall ... Jesuit, Dominican, and Franciscan missionaries. During the early part of the 17th century Japanese military leaders suspected that the traders and missionaries were actually forerunners of a military ...

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Rome's Imperial Expansion wasa two edged sword

wo Edged Sword"Rome was an extremely resourceful community that, because of their innovative ideas, military leaders and expansion, was eventually turned into an empire. At the same time, it is throug ... a sea power and trading center on the coast of northern Africa.Although Rome may have been a strong military empire, they still had their weaknesses. Rome had fallen in defeat many times over the cent ...

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Patton bio and what made hima good leader

al desire. He was always prepared for the worst and hoped for the best.Patton like many other great military leaders had a strategy, a game plan. Patton stuck to a few basic ideas: surprise, find out ...

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Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the North and South as the civil war began.

advantages as well. Most Southern men were experienced in riding horses, hunting, and shooting. Its military leaders were experienced and effective, while the Northern armies struggled to find good le ... well.The political organization of the Confederacy, however, was a disadvantage to the South from a military point of view. The CSA constitution created a loose association of the individual states, a ...

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Ethics in the Military

ht and wrong, which nurtures the moral consciousness and establishes the basis for right actions by military leaders Stromberg Wakin and Callahan (1982). Military ethics is an ethics of institutions, ... ill touch the fate of huge numbers of people and often be impersonal. The important institutions of military ethics are subject to no social control or higher authority.The main characteristic of an e ...

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The American Myth

rld War II following Japan's refusal to unconditionally surrender. The United States government and military leaders believed that eventually Japan would surrender, but nobody knew when that would hap ... -named "Little Boy", a bomb that not only wounded Japan but changed America's relationship with its military allies, especially Russia (Alperovitz).Since 1945 many historians have debated the reasons ...

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Alexander the Great

leader. On the surface, Alexander the Great appears to be similar to many moderngenerals and military leaders. Hitler and Norman Scharttzcopf could all be consideredmilitary geniuses on the sam ... ideredmilitary geniuses on the same level of Alexander the Great. Other than the fact that theywere military geniuses, no more similarities exist. Hitler and Scharttzcopf were racist anduncivilized wi ...

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Boylan notes

ted Jews and Christians (more diverse)Political Divisions in the Islamic Empire:* Umayyads = strong military leaders* Muslim territories became dissatisfied w/ Umayyad rule* Non Arabs = angry b/c were ...

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Julius Caesar.

One of the most influential political and military leaders in global history, Gaius Julius Caesar helped establish the vast empire ruled by Ro ... s elected there and it was where the druids met. The Carnutes asked the other tribes to bring their military standards together which was a very solemn oath, and to swear not to desert them when the w ... a perfect way to advertise his greatness. After his exploits in Gaul, he had more fame, wealth, and military power than anyone in Rome. Many feared that he would seize control of the government" (Gree ...

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