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Lord of the Flies, William Golding

member them.There is also a party of choirboys, all dressed alike, and they march onto the beach in military order. Their leader, Jack, wants to be the leader of all the boys, but the majority vote fo ...

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Knights Of Templar

ew into one of the most influential forces of its time. They had a very complex hierarchy with both military and non-fighting classes. The Knights helped in many areas of Europe and are credited with ... uld read as a novel.The Knights of Templar, also known as the Poor Knight of Christ, was a monastic military order formed at the end of the First Crusade. Their mission was protecting Christian pilgri ...

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Ender's Game

On Earth only two Children are allowed to be born per family. But the Wiggin's have had a third, by military order. Andrew Wiggin self appointed the name Ender, was chosen to be born as the next great ...

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Medieval Shield

ohit enemy. The sharp sides of a shield could easily kill an enemy with one hit.There were two main military orders in the twelve century. The Knights Hospitaller andthe Knights of the Templers. The K ... nights of the Templers. The Knights Templers were one of the most powerful of theWestern Christians Military order. The Knights Templers protected the pilgrims in the holy landin during crusades. .The ...

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