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Robots Will Never Experience Emotion

ciety. Japan and America, two leading countries in Artificial intelligence, are creating robots for military purposes to reduce the number of casualties in times of war. What many people who dont unde ...

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Sparta - in comparison with Greek

s of all Greeks states, ..." (Xenophon The Politeia1 of the Spartans Extracts 1). Sparta focused in military. Everything in Sparta was for military purposes. Lycurgus was the man who made the laws in ... s made a law to support that. "For they have a law by which the father of three sons is exempt from military service, and the father of four from all taxes" (Aristotle Politics Extracts 1270). It mean ...

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Roman Roads

how Roman roads helped expand Rome's culture and build a strong economy.Roman roads were built with military purposes in mind, and were made by their peacetime army. Roman wagons couldn't turn easily ... litters, and wealthy women rode in carpentum, large four wheeled covered coaches. The poor walked. Military officers rode horses. Military horses were refreshed every ten miles, similar to the Pony E ...

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Saddam Hussein: Major Achievements

y Kurdish villages on the Turkish border. Thousands of people died.Saddam needed more money for his military regime and he planned to use Kuwait's rich oil resources to provide for his military purpos ... y Council said if Iraq did not remove their troops from Kuwait, occupation they approved the use of military force on Iraq by January 15, 1991. Saddam refused to remove his troops so the allies bombed ...

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Genetic Experiments During the Holocaust, the book Night was the reason for the assignment. If you need biblo, email me. 2 1/5 pages.

sturbing parts of the Holocaust was the medicalexperiments that took place. Some were performed for military purposes, whereas others were in the search of the "perfect race," others were genetics, an ... and perform the experiments without anyone's consent. Most of the experiments that were for military "research" were done to see how long someone could last alive. Therefore, most died. One of ...

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Australia's relations with Asia

and educational tourism and aid resources within our Asia-Pacific region.Security for economic and military purposes is the major change, which has occurred between Australia and other countries sinc ... id.Australia's political relationships with Asia were built principally on Australia's economic and military interests, but the way in which these interests have been pursued over the years has determ ...

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great advantage over the enemy target. Being able to see in the dark can also come in handy for non-military purposes. Night vision devices come in two basic forms: thermal imaging systems and image e ... s if a suspect was being chased through the woods or an area where light was very limited.When most military personnel refer to "NVDs" (Night Vision Devices), however, they're referring to the image e ...

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The History of Computers (1946-1992)

and Computer), and was invented at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946. Its was constructed for military purposes. Weighing around 27 tons and was the size of a room (was about 9m by 17m). The ENI ...

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Was Harry Truman justified in deciding to use the atomis bomb?

country called to the attention of the U.S.Government the vast potentialities of atmoic energy for military purposes and warned that the Germans were already carrying on exeriments in this field. The ... he worl of the Intermin Committee, "ranged over the whole field of atomic energy, in its political, military, and scientific aspects." During the first meeting the scientific members reviewed for thei ...

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Global Positioning System.

as the time, anywhere in the world and in all weather conditions. This is of obvious importance for military purposes but also for every day life as well. This paper will look at the GPS's development ... a satellite based system that was designed by the US Department of Defense to "simplify and improve military and civilian navigation and positioning anywhere on earth." There are three components to t ...

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Dress In The 1940's

ame very limited after America joined the War. Nylon, a popular synthetic fiber, was being used for military purposes and became scarce and abandoned by women. Instead women were going bare legged or ... r the War, but the top consists of a very detailed embroidered cape. The cape of the suit resembles military outfits but with a touch of femininity. The appliqué on the back of the cape r ...

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History Of Internet

nternet was made in part by the Sputnik scare in the early 19601s. Fears that were aroused made the military take guard and build up technological forces. The United States thought that it would need ... oyal Radar Establishment in Norway. Starting from 1974 the Internet moves more away from its former military purposes and becomes more used for public purposes. In 1974, Bolt, Beranek and Newman open ...

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gain money to produce more money and this is their way of making money. The third factor is military purposes. New weapons and inventions of mass destruction are being introduced everyday. The ...

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Book report: ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card

ils the youth of Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, a child prodigy who is trained from a very young age by the military to become a legendary commander, savior of humanity and destroyer of the alien race known a ... mply and derogatively known as a "Third." Ender is one of these Thirds, his existence called for by military brass after his two older siblings, Peter and Valentine, showed exceptional talents but wer ...

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Tech Exploration – Global Positioning Systems

ind our way. With the full GPS being completed in 1993, its beginning uses were intended solely for military purposes (Beyond Discovery). Since then, this technological marvel has been made available ...

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Guns Essay (One World)

ese alchemists tried to find the secret to immortality around 850 AD.� It was first used for military purposes in 919 AD. In the official Song history, 'fire cannons' were made from bamboo fill ...

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