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MINERALSMinerals are required to build soft and hard body tissue.Without then we wouldn't exist. The ... hey also help out with thenervous system the contraction of mussels and help the bloodflow properly.Minerals are classified into 2 major groups. The majorelements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, iod ... primary source for calcium. You shouldhave about 1000mg's a day.Magnesium is also another important mineral. Thismineral is in most foods. It is very important in containinghealthy mussel cells. It al ...

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Nutritive Value of Vegetables and Fruit

bage, Tomatoes and potatoes are a good source of vitamin B. Iron and Calcium are the most important minerals. Leafy green vegetables are a good mineral source. Some vegetables contain carbohydrates- s ... alue of FruitFruit of all kinds is valuable for the nutrients supplied. Everybody needs Vitamin and Mineral content that fruit contributes to be healthy. Because vitamin C can't be stored in the body, ...

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This is a simple essay explaining the Bowen Reaction Series.

action SeriesIn 1922, Norman Levi Bowen and his colleaguesdetermined the sequence in which silicate mineralscrystallize as magma cools (Chernicoff 56). This work madeit possible to summarize a complex ... lex set of geochemicalrelationships, called Bowen's Reaction Series.This series shows that silicate mineralscancrystallizefrom mafic magmas in twoways, in a discontinuous series or a continuous series ...

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The american west

his timer period were called the "fifty niners" and searched all over the West to find the valuable minerals that their hearts desired. Miners found some in Comstock Lode+ Pike's Peak and it lead to m ... me in Comstock Lode+ Pike's Peak and it lead to more and more people 2 come and search for valuable minerals as well for their chance to strike it rich. Businesses also took much interest in the west ...

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Water Classification

ater that is found in rivers and lakes are called surface water. Surface water, is not very high in mineral content but is exposed to many different contaminates such as animal wastes, pesticides, ins ... ppear beneath the surface. Hence, ground water contains contaminates from the surface water and the minerals it carries while it is underground. Underground water is sometimes considered hard water wh ...

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This essay discusses natures symmetry found in plants, animals and minerals.

Nature produces many things such as plants, animals and minerals. Everything that nature forms seems to have some a fairly symmetric pattern. Miners are alm ... An animals body, if cut down the middle generally mirrors the other side, not perfectly of course. Minerals are more geometric than plants and animals, with straight planes and lines rather than the ... s and lines rather than the curves often visible in plants and animals. Salt is considered a mineral but has a few very different characteristics. Salt, unlike other minerals, has a taste. Usua ...

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Descirbe Potassium as deficiency

ts in their everyday diet.Most if not all nutritional diseases are caused by a lack of a particular mineral in ones diet. There are various minerals, which fit into two categories of macro minerals an ... in ones diet. There are various minerals, which fit into two categories of macro minerals and trace minerals. Macro minerals are what the body needs larger amounts of, such as calcium and sodium. Wher ...

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Minerals: Vanadates.

absorb neutrons; it can be used in nuclear reactors. South Africa has one of the richest sources of minerals containing vanadium.Vanadates are mined for other important elements which include zinc, co ... lead and uranium. Uranium is used in nuclear power plants as a heat source as it is radioactive.2. Mineral identification.Mineral class and sub-class:Vanadates are a sub-class of the Phosphates class ...

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Silver Mine

oup of people who find a mountain that has silver in it. They end up taking some of the silver to a mineralogist to see the value of the mineral and they find out that it is silver. Later some of the ... t earned can corrupt you.First of all this group ends up finding the silver and they take it to the mineralogist and they find out that they are going to be rich. "Let us see that you make such good u ...

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der for bones to maintain themselsves, they must constnatly break sown and rebuilds the collage and minerals that they are cells called osteoplast are acids that eat away the bone s mineral coating an ... ne destroyers cells called osteoblasts are cells that lay new collagen and coat the bone with fresh minerals. you can think of them as bone creators osteoplast break down the old collagen and mineras ...

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Mineral Deposits

1. What are mineral deposits? Describe five ways by which a mineral deposit can form.A mineral deposit is a natu ... ch a mineral deposit can form.A mineral deposit is a natural concentration of economically valuable minerals. The minerals in a mineral deposit are not carbonaceous; i.e., they do not contain electron ... reduced) carbon. Coal is an example of a carbonaceous deposit. Coal is a fossil fuel rather than a mineral deposit.A mineral deposit need not be valuable enough that it could be mined profitably. A m ...

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ied into our topic because we were learning about intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks and how the minerals "Crystals" are formed. Intrusive rock is an igneous rock that is formed below the sur ... ally large. On the other hand extrusive rocks are formed when lava cools on the earths surface. The mineral Grain "Crystals" are usually small. Crystals are usually small. Crystals are solid hav ...

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ich contains a lot of water, and women have more fat, which has almost no water(chapter9 water, and minerals pg. 282). Water is important to the mechanics of the humanbody. The body cannot work withou ... effects of a "hangover" from consuming too much alcohol are due todehydration (chapter9 water, and minerals pg. 284).Electrolytes are substances that separate in water to form positively and negative ...

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Water and Minerals

Water and other minerals play essential roles in our bodies for us to be able to perform the simplest or even the mo ... orm the simplest or even the most difficult tasks. Functions are made possible because of water and minerals which could make blinking, chewing and trying to run not possible without them. Many minera ... your bag, or even sitting at your desk during the day.While water is vital to your body but certain mineral provide elements to your body that help regulate chemical reactions and provide structure. M ...

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