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The Holy Regalia Mists of Avalon

The Holy Regalia in The Mists of AvalonOne of the more compelling parts of the various Arthurian legends is that of the the ... of the the Holy Grail and Excalibur with scabbard. This collection is what Bradley describes in The Mists of Avalon as the Holy Regalia, that is the sword (Excalibur), spear, dish, and cup (identified ... r is a very important and highly recognizable symbol in pretty much all the Arthurian tales. In The Mists of Avalon, Bradley claims that the sword Excalibur originates in Avalon. Excalibur was a power ...

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of the Old Religion, Morgaine battles to find her place in the center of the worlds at war.She made mistakes over and over again and suffered for those mistakes as did others. She does not have a myst ... priestess. Her future is what the Goddess desires. She is to keep Avalon from disappearing into the mists and being forgotten forever. Morgaine's main obstacle is Christianity and those who place it o ...

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