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A weird life - PART 1

hat good, but here it is (its a bit long)=>I waited at the front of the school, wondering if the mistress would pick me up today. I had called my mother 'the mistress' for as long as I could rememb ... call that when I was young, although it seemed as if it had been a lifetime since I first heard the mistress command me to do that.The mistress usually didn't come, and I ended up walking the long jou ...

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An Unconventional Love- Sonnet 130

is the best. However, in William Shakespeare'sSonnet 130, Shakespeare spends the poem comparing his mistress's appearance to other things, and tells the reader how she doesn't measure up to the compar ... earance by using comparisons to nature. To begin the poem, Shakespeare uses a simile by saying, "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" (1). One may mistake this line as a criticism, but he is me ...

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