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Studying Soil Bacteria. Microbiology Lab.

.Methods:Collection of Soil Bacteria:1. Crush into a fine powder 1-2 grams of soil.2. Add soil to 5 ml of sterile water.3. Shake4. Allow the soil to settle for 30 seconds to 1 minute5. Flame a loop in ...

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Growth Dynamics of E. coli in Varying Concentrations of Nutrient

nit volume versus Time growth curve. The final cell concentration for the control was 619,500 cells/mL. Four media, after calculations, produced fewer cells than that of the control, these were: Chlor ... , produced fewer cells than that of the control, these were: Chloramphenicol producing 89,301 cells/ml; glucose producing 411,951 cells/mL; lactose producing 477,441 cells/mL and finally pH 6.0 produc ...

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Vands hårdhed

-1-Bestemmelse af vands hårdhed.Udstyr og kemikalier.50 mL måleglas Pufferopløsning (pH = 10)10 mL måleglas 0,0100 M EDTA-opløsnin ... aring;leglas Pufferopløsning (pH = 10)10 mL måleglas 0,0100 M EDTA-opløsning250 mL konisk kolbe IonbytterBuretteTeoriStoffet EDTA (ethylendiamintetraeddikesyre) er opbygget på ... g:MgT22- + EDTA4- ® MgEDTA2- + Trød blåVed titreringen bestemmes altså det samlede indhold af Ca2+ og Mg2+ i vandværksvandet.ProcedureDer afmåles med måleglas ...

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The permability of membranes in beetroot

cores of beetroot as I am trying the beetroot in six different temperatures. I then measured out 15 ml of water into six different test tubes. I am going to use a thermostatic water bath to get the wa ...

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Koncentrationsbestemmelse af almindelig husholdningseddike.

nøje."Fremgangsmåde:Først fortyndede vi eddiken ved at, med pipette, udtage 10 mL fra vores husholdningseddike og fortynde det op med demineraliseret vand i en målekolbe. Vi ... lbe. Vi hældte derefter opløsningen i en burette. I en konisk kolbe hældte vi 10 mL NaOH-opløsning i med koncentrationen 0,1M. Vi tilsatte 20 mL demineraliseret vand og 4 dr& ...

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This is a first year chemistry lab. It is a titration to discover which acid reducer (Tums or Hy-Vee brand) neutralized the most acid(portrayed by vinegar).

eutralizer, using two mortars and pestels. Using a graduated cylinder, I filled two beakers with 50 mL of distilled water and labeled one "Tums" and one "Hy-Vee". After that, I added the tablets into ... ng rod, I mixed the two solutions until all of the acid neutralizer was dissolved. Then, I added 15 mL of methyl orange to each, again using a graduated cylinder, to the beakers. Nest, I filled a bure ...

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Vitamin C content in Orange juices.

My aim is to find the product richest in Vitamin C out of the following;*Plunge Vitamin Water - 375 mL*Mr Juicy - 2 litre*Golden Circle Fizzy Orange - 1.5 litre*Fruitopia - 250 mL*Daily Juice - 1 Litr ... ; Mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with enough water to make a paste.Step 2; To this paste, add 250 mL of water and boil for 5 minutes.Step 3; Add ten drops of the starch solution to 75 mL of water.St ...

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The following is a lab report on fermentation and its inhibitors.

nthis study it was found that 1% clove solution inhibited a fermentation reaction by asmuch as 0.093ml/min. The clove solution also decreased the total evolution of CO2 by asmuch as 2.845 ml.The proce ... ningGlucose and Yeast), is true in a controlled environment.MATERIALS AND METHODSI obtained four 125ml flasks, numbered them, and added 100ml of tap water to preventthem from floating in a water bath. ...

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Vit c experiment

1.Present a table of class data, showing the average titration in ml and amount of Vitamin C. in mg/ml.Class averages Of Ascorbic Acid.2.Compare and contrast the resu ... he orange squash and the Standard Solution.Pie Chart representing class results of Ascorbic Acid mg/ml.The Orange juice contained 40mg/100ml of Vitamin C, which was 0.084mg/100ml more than was stated ... tamin C, which was 0.084mg/100ml more than was stated on the packaging.The Orange Squash had 1mg/100ml of Vitamin C, there was no Vitamin C stated on the packaging.The ready to drink juice contained 3 ...

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Rates if Reaction GCSE Cousrework

asured in burette. The test will be time related e.g. seeing how long the mixture took to fill a 50 ml burette with carbon dioxide.Values and VariablesThe definition of a variable is anything that cha ... rying degrees. These all these dilatants serve to do is lower the amount of acid molecules in the 50ml solution. This is very important by the fact that the way the reactants work is when a acid molec ...

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Lab Report - The Stoichiometry of an Oxidation-Reduction Reaction

cts with one mole of NH3OH+ to find the missing part of the equation.Calculations: 0.103 moles/1000 mL = .00103 moles/10 mL.00103 x (2/5) = .000412/16 mL = .0256 M.0256 moles/1000 mL = 1.95 x 10-4 mol ... 03 moles/10 mL.00103 x (2/5) = .000412/16 mL = .0256 M.0256 moles/1000 mL = 1.95 x 10-4 moles / 7.6 mL(1.95 x 10-4) x 5 = 9.75 x 10-4 moles = moles of Fe+2.05 moles/1000 mL = .0005 moles/10 mL = moles ...

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Permeable membranes lab /iodine and vegetable oil

oss the membrane and if it will react with the starch in the Ziploc bag.Procedure1. Pour 25 mL of iodine into beaker2. Fill about 1/3 of the test tube with Starch solution and place in ... /3 of the test tube with Starch solution and place in beaker (DON'T POUR OUT!!!!)3. Pour 25 mL of starch solution into snack size Ziploc bag4. Seal Ziploc bag, and place in beaker5. ...

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ater, glass petri dish, stapler, sand, spatula, pipette, capillary tube, Whatman filter paper, a 50 ml chromatography solvent, and goggles (to be worn at all times). The steps to performing the experi ... d goggles (to be worn at all times). The steps to performing the experiment were:1. Pour 50 ml of chromatography solvent into the tall jar and cover it with half of the petri dish.2. T ...

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Marketing plan for a fictitous drink

e of soft-drink costs about 15 baht to manufacture and can be sold at about twice the cost. The 350 ml will be packaged in the same fashion as those of Coke and Pepsi bit the labels would be more visu ... e are a lot of competitors in the soft drinks market. The average price of a can of soft drink (350 ml) is thirteen baht in Bangkok. Therefore:Cost of can = 13 bahtCost of Bottle = 25 bahtAt the above ...

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Variable Production of Carbon Dioxide and Ethanol by the Yeast Saccharomyces in Fermentation due to Temperature Changes

n dioxide. In order to achieve these values, several materials were used in the experiment. Two 500 mL flasks were used, one contain 250 mL of sucrose and the other 250 mL of water. The two flasks wer ... gy lab manual (Mason et al., 2004). The first step of our experiment required us to acquire two 500 mL flasks and measure 250 mL of sucrose in one flask and the other 250 mL of water. After each one w ...

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The dissociation constants of weak monoprotic acids were determined with the aid of a buffer and pH meter.

formed. The following materials were obtained to conduct the parts of the experiment: 1) several 10-mL and 50-mL graduated cylinders to measure the volumes of acid and base, and 2) a thermometer to re ... e procedure. In the first part of the experiment, the pH and temperature was to be measured of a 10 mL sample of 1.02 M HA (when conducting the second half of the experiment, the concentration of HY w ...

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Bestemmelse af saltindhold i lurpack smør.

h;lvnitrat, der titreres med, har en formel koncentration på 0,100 M.Der kan være 25,00 mL i buretten, og af hensyn til målenøjagtigheden er vigtigt at bruge hovedparten af de ... enøjagtigheden er vigtigt at bruge hovedparten af dette rumfang til en titrering, dvs. 15-20 mL.Praktisk:Smørret afvejes i en konisk kolbe. Der tilsættes 100 mL demin. vand, og der ...

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Steam Distillation of Eugenol from Cloves.

a, and healing cuts and bites.Eugenol is the main active ingredient in cloves.Procedure:1. In a 250 mL round bottom flask, place 10.0g of ground cloves and 80 mL of water. Set up for a simple distilla ... ndenser (about 40 minutes).3. Place the distillate in a separatory funnel and extract with three 10 mL portions of Dichloromethane4. Combine the dichloromethane extracts and dry over Sodium Sulfate.5. ...

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MArtin Luther King

was named after his father and the family (parents, grandmother and brother and sister) called him ML for short - a nickname that stuck with him all through his childhood.Growing up with racism.Every ...

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Lab Report for Group I Cations

red. The molarities of these acids include: 6 M HCl, 6 M HNO3, 6 M NH4OH, and 6 M H2SO4. To make 30 mL of 6 M HCL, 14.8 mL of the acid was added to 15.2 mL of deionized water. To make 30 mL of 6 M HNO ... M HCL, 14.8 mL of the acid was added to 15.2 mL of deionized water. To make 30 mL of 6 M HNO3, 11.4 mL of the acid was added to 18.6 mL of deionized water. To make 30 mL of 6 M NH4OH, 12.0 mL of the a ...

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