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Experiment on amount of fat in the common hotdog. Includes a graph and chart, procedures, materials, and conclusion.

tage of the total amount of hotdog used.Materials:1. 10.0 grams of finely chopped hotdog meat2. 250 mL beaker3. 17 mL of 1.5M NaOH4. 5 mL of Distilled Water5. Graduated Cylinder6. 400 mL beaker7. Buns ... linder6. 400 mL beaker7. Bunsen Burner8. Ring Stand9. Tongs10. Iron ring11. Disposable Pipette12.50 mL beaker13. Protective goggles14. Aprons15. Glass rod16.Triple-Beam Balance17.Stop watch18.Dishwash ...

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Sequence of Chemical Reactions

l balance, measure the mass of the copper while in the vial. Remove approximately 0.35 g into a 250 mL beaker. check the balance and record the mass of the remaining mixture in the vial. In the labora ... the mass of the remaining mixture in the vial. In the laboratory hood, dissolve the copper with ~ 3 mL of nitric acid. Allow the beaker to remain under the hood until the fumes cease. The remaining so ...

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Isolation of organic compounds from mixtures by solvent extraction.

hthalene and benzoic acid was weighed accurately on a balance. The mixture was then dissolved in 40 ml dichloromethane and the solution was poured into a separatory funnel.2. 20 ml of aqueous sodium b ... dichloromethane layer) was tapped into an Erlenmeyer flask. The aqueous layer was placed into a 400 ml beaker. The dichloromethane was placed back in the separatory funnel.3. The dichloromethane was e ...

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Lab Report: Determining Percent Yield in a Chemical Reaction

t yield of copper in the reaction between copper sulfate (CuSO4) and Iron (Fe).Materials:Balance100-mL beaker250-mL beakerBunsen burnerCopper sulfate crystalsGlass stirring rod100-mL graduated cylinde ... mL graduated cylinderIron filingsRing stand and ringWire gauzeProcedure:1. Record mass of clean 100-mL beaker.2. Add 8.0 grams of copper sulfate crystals to beaker.3. Add 50.0 milliliters of distilled ...

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Lab Report: Flame Test

n Spectra of several metallic ions.Materials:Safety glasses10 test tubesTest tube rackPaperPencil50 mL beakerBunsen burnerNichrome wireBarium NitrateCopper NitrateStrontium NitrateLithium NitratePotas ... ter)Procedure:1. Label the test tubes with the names of the solutions and unknowns.2. Place about 5 mL of each solution into each test tube, and 10 mL of Hydrochloric Acid into the 50 mL beaker.3. Cle ...

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rotene536.88C40H56Nurosprene538.864C40H58Procedure:Place 2.0 grams of crushed annatto seeds in a 50 mL beaker. To the beaker add a magnetic stir barr and 5 mL of 8% Ethanol in methylene chloride solut ... ilter the solution through a course fritted filter. Transfer the dark orange filtrate to a clean 50 mL beaker. Transfer the filtered solids back into the original beaker. Repeat the extraction of the ...

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Lab Report

testing are tum, meijer tums, rolaids, meijer rolaids, and meijer alka seltzer. Prepare 300 ml of a 0.1 M HCL solution. Prepare antacid mixture by dissolving two tablets of each in 150 mL of d ... on. Prepare antacid mixture by dissolving two tablets of each in 150 mL of distilled water in a 250 mL beaker. Stir the antacid mixture and tranfer 50mL of the mixtuer to a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask for ...

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Moles Of Iron And Copper Formal Lab

e chloride and in the nail.Procedure: 1. Put on your laboratory apron and safety goggles. Use a 100-mL beaker to make a solution with 2 grams of copper(II) chloride and 15-mL of distilled water.2. Use ... nother beaker so if some solid comes out you can get it back.7. Rinse the solid again with about 15-mL of distilled water. Decant again. Repeat this 3 times.8. Wash the solid with 10-mL of 1M hydrochl ...

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Solubility Curves

potassium nitrate.Procedure:1.Labelled 5 test tubes A, B, C, D and E2.Filled each test tube with 5 ml of distilled water.3.Placed 7.5 g of potassium nitrate in test tube A4.Placed 6.0 g of potassium ... test tube D7.Placed 1.5 f of potassium nitrate in test tube E8.Placed all five test tubes in a 600 ml beaker that was half filled with water.9.Heated the beaker over a Bunsen burner flame until all o ...

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Prac 4

ions 3- To learn to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative observations.Equipment: 1 100- ml beaker 1 plastic spoon 1 thermometer 1 magnifying glass 1 glass stirring rod 2 safety goggles Mat ... s put aside and the group had a close look. The observations were recorded.2- A quarter of the 100- ml beaker was filled with tap water. The plastic spoon was used ,one level of crystals were placed i ...

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Lab Write Up For Separation by Filtration and Crystallization

anceFilter funnel standFilter funnelBunsen, tripod and gauze matWatch glassGlass rodBeakers (two 100mL)Graduated cylinder (25 mL)Filter paper (Whatman No. 1—three 12.5 cm sheets)Sodium chloride/c ... )Sodium chloride/charcoal mixture (4 g)Sodium chloride/copper(II) chloride mixture (8 g)Ethanol (25 mL)Distilled waterBoiling chipProcedureA Separation of a Sodium Chloride and Charcoal Mixture#1 Plac ...

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mass conservation

hemicalsBeakersReaction timeMATERIALS NAMESIZE/CONC.AMOUNTPRECISIONBeaker100 mL2IrrelevantMeasuring cylinder25.0 mL2IrrelevantAccess to a digital balance... digital balance-----------1±0.001gPotassium iodide solution0.5 mol/dm3100 mLIrrelevantLead (II) nitrate solution0.5 mol/dm3100 mLIrrelevantGlass rod20 cm ...

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