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Social heirarchy

hat they treat anyone that is not of their status. Sam struggles to gain equality with those of the more popular crowd within the school. By showing both types of crowds, it expands the viewing audien ... wds are just by their appearance. Anyone who is blonde, beautiful, and looks as though she can be a model for the cover of a magazine can easily be a candidate for the popular crowd. What verifies the ...

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Country?Dear Will McAvoy,Is America the best country in the world? To popular belief America is the most extraordinary country in the world, but my personal judgement is that America is not the same c ... ordinary country in the world, but my personal judgement is that America is not the same country anymore. Today the country is run by a bunch of poo flinging Liberals that say they are improving the c ...

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Childhood Obesity

se Control (CDC) and Prevention report that childhood obesity is now the number one health concern among parents in the United States (Kind, 2012). The rate of obesity in American children has almost ... nt were obese" (Rocchini, 2002). Other studies have shown that the distribution of body-mass index among children has shifted so that the heaviest children, who are at a greater risk of complications, ...

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Ohio's sustainable prison act

ital of the world. We have seen an increase in imprisonment of 700 percent since the 1970's. Today, more than 1 in 100 adults are in jails or prisons nationwide. The state corrections budget has nearl ... inmates that year costing the state 132 billion dollars (Henrichson & Delany, 2012). Given the amount of money we are spending, inmates must be receiving quality housing, food and education, right ...

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