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UFO's, Fact or Fiction?

ablets they wore around their neck. When questioned about these tablets, they replied that only the Moais ( as they called them) were able to read them. These Moais were said to be strong in stature a ... the statues. Some of the theories on them are that perhaps they were used to signal the mysterious Moais to come back. After not returning, the natives became angry, quit their working, and destroyed ...

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Easter Island

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Easter Island because he landed there on Easter Day. Since then it has been known as Easter Island.Moai's are a big history of Easter Island. There are 887 on the island. Originally there were 900 mo ... ey are about 14 tons in weight on average. Also they are about 13 feet in height. There are special moai's that have been named and have a special historic site with in them. Moai's attract many touri ...

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Easter Island

studied. This advanced society is probably best known for its monolithic statues, which were called Moai by the natives. Despite the culture?s peaceful and artistic beginning, it soon experienced a ne ... ing the downfall of Easter Island culture, scientific evidence has shown that the islanders? sacred Moai may have played an important role in the demise of the Rapa Nui culture.To understand how and w ...

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