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Assess the importance of the CPSU's internal policies in the defeat of Germany in the Great Patriotic War (WW1).

of Germany in the Great Patriotic War.Concepts that should be considered include Industrialisation, Modernisation, Nationalism and Leadership.The Soviet-German War is the most brutal episode of the mo ... Germany. Commencing in 1938, the third of the CPSU's five-year plans encouraged industrialisation, modernisation and nationalism, all of which were to play an important part in the Soviets victory ov ...

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The Meiji Restoration.

(a)Describe the modernisation of Japan:The Meiji Restoration describes a period of events which led to a dramatic ch ... ical system and revolutionizing Japan in a global context with Emperor Meiji reigning. Through this modernisation, Japan became accepted in the western countries and prospered economically, socially a ... and economically to get rid of the inequalities that were present. This was the basis of the Meiji modernisation with their slogan "rich country and strong army" (fokoku kyohei).A new government was ...

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How the internet has changed time and space, from a modernist perspective.

om how it was viewed at the turn of the last century. The reason for this is modern technology - as modernisation and technology have progressed and inevitably changed, so too have the qualities of sp ... clocks were diurnal; we rose with the sun and went to bed when the sun went down. As technology and modernisation progressed, our concept of time changed.As individuals were increasingly drawn into an ...

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Where does power lie in Congress?

ttees and party leadership". During the early 1990s the balance between these two powers shifted as modernisation reforms removed some of the institutionalised powers of committee chairs, and afforded ...

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The National Probation Service and Modernisation.

During the course of discussing the chosen topic area, (Probation Service and Modernisation) I will examine the role of the Probation Service and/or the role of Probation Officer ... bation service as a fundamental mechanism for keeping offenders out of prison. This resulted in the modernisation of the probation service. It adopted a rehabilitative ideal but many relevant people d ... and treatment. These huge responsibilities leave the probation service very open to criticism.Modernisation of The Criminal Justice Act 1991 saw a shift from psychotherapeutic approaches to cogn ...

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Modernisation of Japan during the Meiji Restoration.

"In achieving such a rapid and total modernisation, how much did Japan owe to Western Examples, and how much to its own resources and ini ... ern Examples, and how much to its own resources and initiative?"In achieving such a rapid and total modernisation, Japan owed much of its success to Western Examples which were greatly used in their e ... of its success to Western Examples which were greatly used in their economic, social and political modernisation during the revolutionary Meiji restoration period, which marked the deliberate transfo ...

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How can it be explained that Nazism made real, if partial, inroads into wider German Society?

many had a reactionary impact on Germany society , to that of liberal historians who claim that the modernisation which took place in Nazi Germany, along with a change in 'subjective social reality' i ...

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Critically evaluate the success or otherwise of the film "ten things I hate about you" as an adaptation of Shakespeare's "the taming of the shrew."

; fresh characters who are able to draw the viewers into their world, suspending reality; effective modernisation of Shakespearian characters, bringing humour to the screen; a wonderful script that co ... nd are relevant to the intended audience. These five elements combined to produce a fresh, original modernisation of The Taming of The Shrew barely recognizable at first, but with study, an excellent ...

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Modernisation, globalisation and americanisation

constancy and "social order" in the U.S.A and other countries; this is through the concept known as modernisation. Modernisation is best understood in relation to processes of industrialisation, urban ... sation, urbanisation, secularisation, rationalisation, and the development of world market systems. Modernisation occurs when societies, when countries adopt the processes or characteristics of anothe ...

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Describe the strategies that China has adopted to promote economic growth and development. Discuss the impact of Globalisation on the Chinese economy.

na's economic pattern changed dramatically. This began the structural change for liberalisation and modernisation. The ultimate aim was to raise the growth performance of the economy to improve nation ...

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Meiji Restoration the reforms in education maintaing the new regime

he most significant of these changes, however, in permanently implementing this new regime, was the modernisation of the education system. The goal of the Restoration period was to learn from the west ... tion from feudal country to modern nation.The new leadership of 1868 set Japan on a rapid course of modernisation. Realising that education was fundamental to nation building and modernisation, the Me ...

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Evaluate the effectiveness of China's one child policy.

As China realised the need for modernisation, the one child policy was implemented in June 1979 to achieve three main goals:1. To a ...

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Why Malays lack an spirit of capitalism in colonial singapore?

xander Guthrie are just some of the more well-known figures. Tham Seong Chee in his book Malays and Modernisation noticed that there was an absence of high level Malay workers such as employers and ma ... n, the British hoped to create an "educated class of malcontents" which would shelter them from any modernisation and enterprising spirit. British policy towards the employment of Malays was often clo ...

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Stalin: Was He Really so Bad?

et out for each industry including agriculture, which the proletariet would then have to meet. This modernisation drive to make the economy strong and capable of supporting a future war was admirable, ...

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Evaluate the historical accuracy of the Samurai way of life represented in the film, 'The Last Samurai'

Unfortunately this way of life came to an end during the reign of Emperor Meiji and his reforms for modernisation. The Samurai have inspired countless films and texts which attempt to piece together t ... s as divine) this scene in the film still shows his goal to strengthen the country through means of modernisation. The reasons for doing so in the film are outlined by the character Omura who states " ...

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"Othello", written by William Shakepeare and "O", directed by Tim Nelson Blake. Comparative Essay

were perceived during Elizabethan times and is also influenced by military aspects. The film 'O', a modernisation of the play 'Othello' is set in contemporary America, in a state which also has a hist ...

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Outline the main features of Trotsky's public life period 1917 to 1940

g the Civil War, and after that he was an important spokesman for the left wing party regarding the modernisation debates. Trotsky's public life began to decline with the death of Lenin, where he was ... rs disillusioned.Trotsky was one of the leading spokesmen for the party left wing during debates on modernisation in the 1920's. He argued for an end to the NEP, and he believed the only way to improv ...

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Is Postmodernism a continuation or critique of Mod

three area's in which it's thought 'the modern world and it's culture has tended to revolve. ' (1) Modernisation is the first area which refers to a range of technological , economic and political pr ... es, thoughts and being up-to-date. At the same time it implies a type of response to the notions of modernisation and modernity .We can locate modernism at times between the late eighteenth century an ...

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What Did Gorbachev Hope To Achieve Through His Pos

eneration, which had grown up during the 'stable' years of 60-70s, was more educated and demanding. Modernisation of life-style had generated new demands and new dissatisfactions. People felt themselv ...

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Why Was Japan Able To Mondernise So Successfully?

Why was Japan able to modernise so successfully? The Modernisation of Japan involved many contributing factors that led to a successful reform. There was ... feudalism by 1871, and the reforms that followed thereafter, which made Japans ultimate success in modernisation by 1895 possible. These major reforms took place in areas such as political and judici ... of Choshu, Satsuma and Hitzen, 1869) This was a belief shared by many of the Samurai throughout the modernisation period. With the abolition of the feudal system came a need for a new style government ...

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