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Privately Owned Gasoline Powered Vehicles Should be Limited

devastation, the use of gas powered automobiles must be limited by replacing them with alternative modes of transportation, or by finding a way to ease them out of utilization.There are many reasons ...

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ypes of food we eat, the kinds of clothes we wear, the variety of technologies that we utilize, the modes of transportation that are available to us, and the types of jobs we pursue are directly linke ...

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Emily Dickinson's poem "I Like to see it lap the Miles-"

Emily Dickinson's poem "I Like to see it lap the Miles-"ostensibly is a poem depicting two modes of transportation; atrain as characterized by a horse. While this is conclusiveDickinson also ...

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Air or Land?

day's society traveling is apart of every American's life. Driving and flying are the two most used modes of transportation. Although driving is a regular routine for most people, it is not the safest ...

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The Industrial Revolution

and the standard of living for factory owners improved. The population became more mobile with new modes of transportation. New technology was abundant and the civilization seemed to be progressing. ...

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This 6 page essay compares/summarizes the works of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Douglas Adams.

of High Fantasy is the creation of a new world or worlds. This has been done by creating languages, modes of transportation, and different types of characters that are nonhuman. Additionally varied fo ...

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Global Business Plan

opulation. Japan has been working hard to limit its energy dependency by introducing more efficient modes of transportation. A more efficient aluminum engine would be a perfect product for the Japanes ...

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Analysis "Can Cities Be Designed to Fight Obesity"

the University of Colorado Health Science Center, 80% of people working in Stapleton use alternate modes of transportation.Marya Morris with the American Planning Association, states that the US Cent ...

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The United States five largest trading Posts in the world.

emained the leading country by accounting for over one-fifth of U.S. merchandise trade in 2001. The modes of transportation used in moving freight to and from the United States are influenced by the h ... ng partners internationally. The proximity of Canada and Mexico to the United States allows surface modes to be the primary modes of transportation for NAFTA trade. For all the other U.S. trading part ...

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The extent to the economic characteristics of ''Local ferry services in Hong Kong's outlying island'' and correspond to the principles of market structures as put forward by economists.

''IntroductionHong Kong is well-known for its comprehensive public transport system, with different modes of transportation, including railway, licensed bus, non-licensed bus, mini bus, taxi, and ferr ...

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Sustainability Opportunities in Transportation

tion service providers, shippers, or the public until recent years. This is significant because all modes of transportation negatively affect sustainability to an extent: Whether it's the harmful emis ... decades this has been overlooked, partly because the rapid growth and development of more efficient modes of transportation has continuously progressed. This causes people to focus on keeping up rathe ...

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