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The personal and political life of:Dr. Mohammad MosaddeghIn the name of the AlmightyContents:The early years of Mosaddegh's life 2Mosaddegh ... rdad) coup and fall of Mosaddegh's government 10References 12The early years of Mosaddegh's lifeDr. Mohammad Mosaddegh is one of the greatest men of the Iranian political history. Heis mostly known fo ... son, he may have had mistakes in his life and jobs, but he definitely didbig things for his country.Mohammad Mosaddegh was born in 1882 A.D (1261 S.H). His father was the FinanceMinister of one of Qaj ...

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Iranian Politics

under virtual occupation by Allied forces, he was forced to abdicate his throne, and his young son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was crowned as the new king.After the end of World War II, Russia continued t ... SR withdrew from Iranian territory. The 1940s saw a resurgence in parliamentarism in Iran. In 1949, Mohammad Mossadeq formed the National Front Party, with the aim of upholding the 1906 Constitution. ...

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