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Lab Report - The Stoichiometry of an Oxidation-Reduction Reaction

find the missing product.Procedure: H2C2O4 and H2SO4 were titrated with potassium permanganate. The molarity of the permanganate was then found because the molarity of the H2C2O4 and H2SO4 were alread ... ium chloride and ferric sulfate and water was titrated with known potassium permanganate to get the molarity of the hydroxylammonium chloride and ferric sulfate solution, and that was used to find the ...

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Pilot test

a conclusion of this coursework.I will change concentration to start with. I will start by using 2 molars of HCL and 0.15 molar of NaS2O3I will do two tests.1. 2m HCL 10cm30.15m NaSa 20 cm32. 1m HCL ... tances more concentrated with HCL the reaction speeds up. I know this because because when I used 2 molars of HCL and 10 cm"of it the reacted with a time of 32:34 seconds. However when I used 1 molar ...

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AT1- Osmosis In Potatoes

ght and length of the potato. We therefore needed to observe each end of the spectrum. We tried 0.2 molar concentration (the lowest) and 10 molar (the highest.)We then left each test for 5 minutes, bu ... ater, thus decreasing in weight and length.However, if a potato chip is placed into a solution of 0 molar concentration, it should gain weight, width and length. This is because the solution has more ...

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A GCSE essay on the effects of osmosis on potato chips in different molar solutions

.Aim:The aim of this experiment is to discover what the effect of placing potato chips in different molaric solutions does to the chip's mass.Prediction:I predict that the length of the potato chip wi ... ip's mass.Prediction:I predict that the length of the potato chip will increase the most in the 0.0 molar solution because the water concentration in 0.0 molar solution is much higher than the concent ...

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Titration Analysis of vinegar

Question:What is the molar concentration of acetic acid in a sample of vinegar?Prediction:The manufacture of claims on th ... is a solution of a weak acid in water. This acid will react with the base sodium hydroxide in a 1:1 molar ratio. If a solution of NaOH of known concentration will used titrate vinegar, it is possible ...

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Chem Lab 5

ution by adding 25ml of 1.0M NaOH and adding it to approximately 225ml of deionized water. Then the molarity of this NaOH solution must be determined by titrating .2M HCl into the NaOH. The molarity o ... needed in order to be used for the titrations later in the experiment. After determining the molarity of the NaOH, we had to break-up three samples of the nickel complex (.2g - .22g), and then ...

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Titration Lab Abstract.The molarity of HCl was determined by titrating the acid, HCl, with a standard base solution, NaOH. It w ... zed in trial two was; NaOH 0.0339 mol "že (1 HCl/1 NaOH) = HCl 0.0339 mol.4.) The experimental molarity of the acid solution in trial one was; Molarity (M) = moles of solute (mol) "ži volume ... "ži volume of solution (L) HCl 0.0338mol / HCl solution 0.025L = HCl 1.352 M The experimental molarity of the acid solution in trial two was; HCl 0.0339mol / HCl solution 0.025L = HCl 1.356 M 5. ...

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AP Biology Lab 1: diffusion and Osmosis

specifically animal and plant cells. Also in this lab we will learn the concept of water potential, molarity and its relationship to osmotic concentration.Hypothesis:I believe that some molecules, lik ... hat if the sucrose concentration is changed, then mass will also change. I believe this because the molarity of sucrose determines the amount of water that moves in to or out of the bag.Materials:See ...

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Molarity Calculations

014Course Title: Magnet ChemistryCourse Teacher: Mr. LodalBlock: C and Period: 6Lab Experiment #2 ~ Molarity CalculationsPurposeThe purpose of this experiment was to determine the concentration of a s ... olution can be measured. The most common measurement of the concentration of a solution is known as molarity. The molarity of a solution is defined as the number of moles of a solute in one liter of a ...

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