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A comparison of the respiration of yeast in different sugar substrates.

sGroupPropertiesExamplesMonosaccharides general formula:(CH20)n(n = 3 to 0)Small molecules with low molecular mass; sweet tasting; crystalline; readily soluble in water.Trioses, e.g. glyceraldehyde (C ... . glucose, fructose (C6H12O6)Disaccharides general formula:2[(CH2O)n] - H2OSmall molecules with low molecular mass; sweet tasting; crystalline; soluble in water, but less readily than monosaccharides. ...

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Organic Synthesis of Aspirin Chemistry Formal Lab.

sity = Mass / Volume2.# of moles of the limiting reagent = Weight of the limiting reagent (grams) / Molecular weight limiting reagent (grams/mole)3.Theoretical Yield = # of moles of limiting reagent X ... ide1.08 g/mLGiven by Lab Manual (page 45)Weight of acetic anhydride5.4 gSee #1 in Calculations belowMolecular weight of salicylic acid138.12 g/molGiven by Lab Manual (page 45)Molecular weight of aceti ...

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Title: Kinetic Molecular Theory

esii)The pressure exerted by a confined gas decreases as its temperature is lowerediii)A gas of low molecular mass will diffuse through air faster than a gas of high molecular masseven though both are ...

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The Lab Report. The rate of ossmosis and the surface area.

oles) /time(seconds)"Now the concentration is given by "moles/liter". And the moles are "mass(gram)/molecular mass(grams)". So the moles are directly proportional to the mass of the substance. So the ...

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The answer to this question is fairly easy to put into words. A polymer is a large molecule of high molecular mass, formed by the joining together, or polymerization, of a large number of molecules of ... ed monomers. That brings up another question, what is a monomer? A monomer is a molecule with a low molecular weight. (chem 8th pgs. G-9, G-11) In the year 1827 a scientist by the name of Jons Jakob B ...

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Finding Out How Much Acid There Is In A Solution

llowing formula: Number of moles of compound = Mass of compound Relative Molecular mass of Compound Formula of sodium carbonate anhydrous = Na2CO3 Mass of compound ... ound Formula of sodium carbonate anhydrous = Na2CO3 Mass of compound used = 2.65g Relative Molecular Mass of Na2CO3 = (2x23) + (3x16) + 12 =106g mol-1 2.65g = 0.0250 moles of ...

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Formal Report on Heat Capacity Ratios of Gases

cause the metal in the railroad tracks has a higher heat capacity than air. For a substance, if the molecular mass, the speed of sound through that substance, and temperature of a gas is known, the re ... s available to it. [1] Each degree of freedom of a molecule can be described as a way that the intramolecular forces of molecule can cause movement in the molecule. This movement is a direct form of s ...

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Complex bonding

mically and physically from its parent atoms.In this lab, we realized that the stronger the intermolecular forces are, the smaller the delta t is. This is because it takes longer to break these bo ... e is a greater dispersion force, and therefore a lower delta t. Butanol and pentane have a similar molecular weight, but butane’s delta t is lower than pentane’s delta t. This is because butanol h ...

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Lab report for chromatography,international baccalaureate programme

isible light for the leaf.The phenomenon of capillarity is involved in this technique. The relative molecular mass of chlorophyll b is greater than chlorophyll a. Since it is lighter, chlorophyll b ca ... ery sensitive laboratory tool since it can differentiate existence pigments in a plant based on the molecular structure of the pigments.From the experiment results, the Carotenoid has the lightest mol ...

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SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis of Proteins

ough sodium dodecylsulphate-PAGE (SDS-PAGE) can be calibrated with proteins of known Mr so that the molecular mass of a polypeptide can be determined, native PAGE was used since SDS denatures proteins ... and 6. Thus, it may be concluded that all samples contained rather high amounts of proteins of high molecular weight to charge ratio (especially in bands 1 and 2) which migrate a shorter distance in t ...

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Organic Synthesis: Preparation & Analysis of Aspirin

s of aspirin Titration and back titration We used titration and back titration process to calculate molecular mass. Back titration was used because aspirin is a weak acid and reaction would be very sl ... cal Constants Compound NameAcetylsalicylic acid Common NameAspirin Chemical FormulaCH3CO2(C6H4)CO2H Molecular Weight180.16 g/mol Physical PropertiesMelting Point136˚C (277˚ F) Boiling PointD ...

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Plastic Recycling

ysical feature. Plastics are also known as polymers or resins.A polymer is a large molecule of high molecular mass formed by the joining together of a large number of molecules of low molecular mass ( ... Leo Baekeland (3). Following this discovery there was a great amount of research "to understand the molecular structure of polymers" (3, p.3). In 1920, their unique properties were discovered by Herma ...

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Gravimetric Analysis report

SO42- in g/L = Molarity of SO42- x Mr of SO42-= 3.278 g/LAmount (g) of SO42-= No. of mol of SO42- x Molecular mass of SO42-% of SO42-= x 100%= x 100%= 41.19%DiscussionThe result of weight of Barium Su ...

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