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This essay was written as a compliment to the novel, "Ordinary People."

, but in the back of her mind she know that she only shuddered at the word weak.Carole Lazenby, PTA mommy-of-the-year, called the attention all the parents, who were in little cells, some chatting abo ...

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Gypsy Moth.

ched on trees, rocks, houses, and just about any other convenient objects. When I hatched, I saw my mommy with beautiful wings and she was white and I saw my daddy with a brown colored body, front of ... er and throughout the rest of the spring. As I grew, I consumed between 25 to 35 leaves. I asked my mommy when my feeding would be done so I could become a pupa, she said, " you will be becoming one i ...

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How divorce affects children's wellbeing.

d that nearly one half of children born today will spend time in a single parent household watching mommy go down on her boyfriends. Although some of these children are born into single parent familie ...

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My Life as a Lilliputian: a creative story about a girl dreaming that she was 3 inches tall and went through an unforgetable adventure.

self in the mirror. Holy cow! I am only three inches tall. I screamed at the top of my lungs for my mommy. No matter how many times I tried to scream, nobody can hear me from downstairs. I was still o ...

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The concept of social identity, social class,gender and ethnicity.

greater understanding of the role that they should play. For example, a six-year-old girl playing "mommy" with her dolls will, as she gets into the role, begin to understand what a mother expects fro ...

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The Actress. Character sketch of a sad woman's life.

ed so desperately.Never at home, always out on the streets,Never on time, only came home to eat.Her mommy was much worse, sadly to say,Slowly kept pushing her daughter away.Whispering, "I love you," w ...

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Students having to choose between things they like, and sports

ght not like the outcome, but you have to.Things you should do in case this ever happens. Tell your mommy like i did. That's a joke really. Talk to your coach first. Then if he doesn't like what you h ...

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The Definition Of Beauty In A Personal Perception.

entary concept. One of the first concepts we learn as toddlers is "pretty." Butterflies are pretty; Mommy is pretty; flowers are pretty. Perhaps this is where the tapering of our definition of beauty ...

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Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradburry

ns of society.Guy Montag is a fireman. In the future firemen don't fight fires but fuel them. "Ooh, mommy look. Firemen. Mommy, there's going to be a fire". They are government agents sent to track bo ...

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Abortion poem 2

Thank you mommy for carrying me, everywhere we go,Thanks mommy for loving me and rocking me to and fro,I loved ... ou killed me, because you didn't think it was true,I never got to tell you, that I loved you.Thanks mommy for drinking beer from a cup,I congratulate, you on giving up,you killed me before you had one ...

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Father's Day

d or fathomed the events that soon happened. Not until I was fifteen, when I came home one day, and mommy told me that you might be going away. I had never thought you'd be out of reach, until that ni ...

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My life

hting my tears back whenever my friends would say "Eggy you get to pick last since you don't have a mommy because she left you and went away!" If I were as old as I am now it would certainly not hurt ...

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a call from DFS about a 4-year-old boy named A.J. and a 2-month-old baby girl named Mariah I said "mommy say yes! say yes!"Until I was about 9 it was just them and me. They had an older brother named ...

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Poetry on missing your children.

when I knew no one with childrenand had no idea what 2T meant.And I remember when no one called me mommyand when no little arms wrapped themselvesaround my neck, no little kisses or hugs were mine.An ... all, her eyes flooded with tears.The message she read pierced her soul with a dart.It said, "I love Mommy," surrounded by a heart.Well, the wallpaper remained, just as she found it,With an empty pictu ...

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Illegal Immigration: What do you think you know?

lf, being passed out drunk on one of the two mattresses on the floor. Little did this girl know her mommy wouldn't get up again, being an alcoholic diabetic and having an untreated infected wound. Now ...

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American Justice

elling there children crazy stories so that they won't find out what really happen and why daddy or mommy can't come home. Some tell there families that they are on a secret mission, others say they a ...

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Bubbles' Journey through the Water Cycle

bles, the Rain and I am here to tell you about my most adventurous trip through the water cycle. My mommy tells me that the only reason I fall on earth is when God is lamenting. Now, you would probabl ...

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Perception or Reality

or toys that they have wanted all year long. For some their hopes have been backed up by hints from Mommy or Daddy, others the tale tale signs of shopping bags and big wrapped presents underneath the ...

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Life As A Youngster

a toy store and a little boy goes running to his mother with a doll, probably whining, "I want this mommy, I want this." Usually, the mother looks at the doll, and then decides not to make the purchas ...

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Kafka - "The Metamorphosis" and personal experience comparison

ly; I thought to myself, you are twenty years old and here you are sitting by yourself missing your mommy! However, I confessed this to my mother and of course, she assured me that all adults miss the ...

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