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Georgia O'Keefe

female of her generation to be accepted as a professional artist. Art critic Henry McBride noted, "Mona Lisa got but one portrait of herself worth talking about, O'Keeffe got a hundred....Everybody k ...

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Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel

eriod, there were many great artistic achievements that were simply incredible. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Masaccio's Trinity, and Botticelli's Primavera are just examples of the exquisite works o ...

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Leonardi Da Vinci

e produced such masterpieces as the 'Virgin of the Rocks' (1483), the 'Last Supper' (1495-97), and 'Mona Lisa' (1503-06). As an architect, Leonardo worked on the cathedral of Milan and the restoration ... nduct.One of his most popular early works, 'The Adoration of the Magi,' was painted in 1481 for the Monastery of San Donato a Scopeto as an altar piece. It was never finished due to his departure for ...

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Personal Code of Ethics. "I believe" Personal essay

lieve that the bible was a novel, written for profit...I believe in the mother ship...I believe the Mona Lisa was framed...I believe in Pez...I believe Darwin...I believe in beauty...I believe we have ...

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Who is your favorite artist?A short summary of my favorite artist Leonardo DaVinchi.

st artist in my eyes but other people think that there is better now, but I saw better. My favorite Mona Lisa, why because it looks like a work of art no dout about it. But the one he drew on the wall ...

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garSida 16-18 - Leonardo da Vinci´s musik ochkonstverkSida 19-21 - Leonardo da Vinci´s 'Mona Lisa'Sida 22 - Subjektiv sammanfattningSida 23 - KällförteckningSida 3BAKGRUND:Jag ha ... att visades det ett festspel,'Paradiset', författat av hovskaldenBellincioni.Sida 18LEONARDOS 'MONA LISA':Mona Lisa är ett av Leonardos få fullbordadekonstverk, det är faktiskt de ...

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Renaissance through Impressionism.

ough a roller coaster ride in the past. From ancient cave drawings to early architecture, from the "Mona Lisa" to the "Water Lilies", art has gone through so many movements that it is difficult to kee ...

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Role of Evil in Hamlet's Delay and Downfall. Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Discusses how Hamlet resists, falters and eventually succumbs to evil, heavily focuses on nature of ghost.

mlet's character "unsurpassed in the West's imaginative literature" (384), and the play itself "the Mona Lisa of literature" (391). Written almost entirely in iambic pentameter, Hamlet's flowing poeti ...

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My trip to France.

onal and interesting, especially when I finally got to see the most famous painting in history, The Mona Lisa. This once in a lifetime trip changed my life for the better in only two weeks.As I sa ...

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Short Stories

d views onto the readers.Art. When this word comes to mind, people think of grand works such as the Mona Lisa, and artists like Rembrandt. Rich vibrant colours, different textural tones, the cerebral ...

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The legacy of the renaissance

dabbled in almost every aspect of the arts and science. He is most famous however for his painting (Mona Lisa) finished in 1506, but he also worked on designs for weapons and sculpted as well as the s ...

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Mona liza

o produced such masterpieces as the "Virgin of the Rocks" (1483), the "Last Supper" (1495-97), and "Mona Lisa" (1503-06). He produced only seventeen finished paintings while hundreds of others remaine ... and most of what he did remained unfinished but all of his art remains as modern day treasures. The Mona Lisa is probably Leonardo's most influential and famous work because it is depicted with many s ...

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Leonardo da Vinci

er, he produced such masterpieces as the Virgin of the Rocks (1483), the Last Supper (1495-97), and Mona Lisa (1503-06). As an architect, Leonardo worked on the cathedral of Milan and the restoration ... conduct.One of his most popular early works, The Adoration of the Magi was painted in 1481 for the Monastery of San Donato a Scopeto as an altarpiece. It was never finished due to his departure for M ...

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The Da Vinci Life.

code he did this because he wanted to keep his private life well...private. Leonardo later made the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. He died on the year 1519. That was the end of the renaissance genius.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

life.Many people have heard of this brillant man from his famouspaintings and portraits such as the Mona Lisa, and the Madonna of the Rocks. Although Leonardo da Vinci devoted most of his life to artw ... works ofart which include: the wonderful portrait Ginevra Benci, the well- known La Gioconda,or the Mona Lisa, and the unfinished Saint Jerome. Later in Leonardo's long life he moved to Milan. This ci ...

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Essay on "Hamlet" with regards to Hamlet and Ophelia's insanity

hakespeare's play "The Tragedy of Hamlet", Prince of Denmark is considered by T.S. Eliot to be the "Mona Lisa" of literature.1 However, the play is doomed from the madness that presides in the two mai ...

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Mona Lisa

Its official: Leonardo da Vinci'sMona Lisa was 83 percent happy, 9 percent disgusted, 6 percent fearful and 2 percent angry. Nicu Seb ... was very interesting because they finally laid to rest all the controversy about what type of smile Mona Lisa had. Technology has brought many new interpretations about the human being and their emoti ... his was pretty accurate because the research was done very scientifically and can conclude that the Mona Lisa's smile was truly genuine. The percentages are probably accurate because if you think abou ...

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Object Analysis : IPOD

In Andy Warhol's "30 is better than 1", "The Mona Lisa" is poorly reproduced thirty times. In this simple visual work of art, Warhol depicts that ...

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Symbolism in the Renaissance Art Work of Da Vinci

paintings and uncovers their iconology and honors the feminine. The novel discusses Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Madonna of the Rocks, and The Vitruvian Man. All of the mentioned artwor ... wn in The Vitruvian Man (refer to figure 5), symbolize a relationship between spirit and matter.The Mona Lisa (refer to figure 4)by Leonardo Da Vinci is gracing the walls of Louvre in Paris. In The Da ...

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Leonardo Da Vinci: Biography

more than Leonardo da Vinci. He painted some of the most famous paintings in the world such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, and he sculpted one of the most famous statues in the world known as ...

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