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Authenticity in tourism.

hrough commoditization of cultures, such as festivals, dance rituals and food which is produced for monetary gain. The definition of authenticity is debatable by many academics; I will try to explore ...

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The Introduction of the Inquisition in Spain in the 15th Century.

nquisition against the Conversos in 1942 were social-economic gains for the country as a whole, the monetary gain of a few, political gains, as well as anti-Semitism.Although there are many different ... ple because being expelled due to social-economic problems, the Inquisition was also instituted for monetary gain . More specifically, the Inquisition was instituted by Ferdinand II of Aragon for his ...

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Evils of war

ing it once represented to me. Instead, it has become a monstrosity, a miserable excuse for murder, monetary gain, bloodshed and a means of justifying pride in one's country.Soldiers are just like the ...

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Justifications of Imperialism: A Look at texts by Rudyard Kipling, Cecil Rhodes, Karl Pearson, Joseph Chamberlain, and Friedrich Fabri. Are there arguments rational or irrational?

the majority of the population would agree with the territorial exploitation of a foreign land for monetary gain. However, in those days, most authors did not claim that it was the resources they wer ...

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Analysis of unemployment (based on the Australian economy)

mployment and are not involved in any sort of job. Typically employment includes only work done for monetary gain. Hence, a homemaker, a full-time student or a prisoner is not considered as a part of ... ore fewer employment opportunities. A theory, known as the Keynesian Theory, claims that government monetary policy can solve cyclical unemployment with the reduction of interest rates. In the United ...

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Kudler Fine Foods – Legal Issues and Recommendations

wever, laws can be potent weapons in the hands of those who adopt unfair or deceptive practices for monetary gain. Companies must arm themselves with legal teams and contracts for protection from such ... and liens. KFF should retain legal counsel experienced in litigation in cases where plaintiffs seek monetary damages from the company, e.g. personal injury claims. Litigation is the legal proceeding i ...

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Fast Food Nation

ots. In this first chapter, he paints a picture of once young entrepreneurs now turned in search of monetary gain and profit despite any social harms.He exposes the harsh truths and effects that this ...

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There are many religions in which people hold their faith

tunities to achieve basic, positive human ends in a negative environment in which they benefit from monetary gain by negative means. The faithful followers of the streets fight for fate and more impor ...

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Should You Hire a Hacker to Protect Your Computer Systems?

hackers alike share information and skills. Intentions of hackers have become more directed towards monetary gain quite recently, whereas there was a time when a computer system would be broken into s ...

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Freak Shows in the 19th Century

iners. Many modern advocates of humanity will say that they were displayed and exploited solely for monetary gain(Thomson "Extraordinary Bodies: Figuring Disability in American Culture and Literature" ... sideshow freaks and prostitutes use their bodies and the fascination of others with said bodies for monetary gain. The freaks would often parade or dance across a stage, much like an exotic dancer. Th ...

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The Unattainable American Dream

United States to pursue their goals in life through hard work and free choice. One person may place monetary gain as their highest goal, and thus strive for this in a very American way, gaining throug ...

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Youth Gangs

linquent gang. This gang type is structurally cohesive and is often organized around the pursuit of monetary gain derived from illegal activity.Gang survival is dependent upon each member's precise ex ...

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The Magdalene Program

de, teenagers tricked into prostitution and drug dependencies, wives traded by their husband’s monetary gain. The connotation of slaves explains the nature of their position. At the time when the ...

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Educational Philosophy

gTeaching is a profession that chooses the teacher. Educators do not seek out a career to teach for monetary gain. Teaching is often a thankless job filled with frustration and heartache but those who ...

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The Sentence (Identity Theft)

ommitted the crime. In probably 99 percent of the cases, the defendant stole someone's identity for monetary gain. A lot of importance lies in the reasoning behind the crime, and the sentence that the ...

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The Sentence

presiding over a case in which an individual has been convicted of stealing others' identities for monetary gain, one needs to gather specific information before imposing a sentence. The judge in a c ... hich would serve as retribution, would be five years in prison for each count of identity theft for monetary gain the offender was convicted of.IncapacitationAccording to the Department of Justice, (a ...

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Apollo Hoax

event in the history of humanity? Was it America’s craving for Cold War (Space Race) Prestige? Monetary gain? Distraction? Or was President Kennedy's speech in May 1961 pressure enough to create ...

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Actions taken by the Australian Government to combat cyber crime

theft, sensitive data collection or the defacement of websites. Scammers and frauds usually aim for monetary gain and as more people become dependent on the internet and its convenience, it turns into ...

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