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Impeachment or witch hunt

on CNN in February of 1999 was true that "Virtually every institution that has come in contact with Monica Lewinsky scandal has come away from it tarnished." And you see it today with less confidence ...

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Gender Differences: Perceptions of Sexual Harassment

cuses on the sexual aspects of the relationship between President Bill Clinton and a former intern, Monica Lewinsky. The result was a war of beliefs, morals and differences of cultures mixed with poli ...

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Essay (opinionated) on the ideal president.

he behaves and his actions, would be nonexistent in the ideal President. Likewise, events like the "Monica Lewinski" scandal would never have the opportunity to take place.The job that the ideal Presi ...

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Explains and combats censorship in class rooms and libraries. Fantasy vs. real life. Sexual material in school libraries. Most banned books. Huckleberry Finn.

censorship is justified. For example, the Kenneth Starr report on President Clinton's affairs with Monica Lewinsky and the attempts to cover it up is certainly not for kids. Due to its graphic sexual ...

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Libertine or Liberal? the real truth regarding Bill Clinton

exual and financial scandals. The press sensationalism was focused on his alleged "affair" with one Monica Lewinsky, then a junior member of staff operating within the White House. The general public ...

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Political corruption Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal and other various other recent political scandals

United States during 1999. Above all else, the scandal involving former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky absorbed the majority of the media's time and energy in 1999. There were other insta ... nces of scandals and corruption, but none that could hold a candle to this presidential sex scandal.Monica Lewinsky was a young White House intern that had sexual relations with the former president B ...

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The Impact of Logical Fallacies in Critical Thinking

l Clinton is innocent of sexual harassment -- in which case Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers (search), Monica Lewinsky and Juanita Broaddrick are all just as audacious)." (Straka).The fallacy of hasty ge ...

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Scandalous Reporting: How the American media affected the impeachment of President Bill Clinton

en called the most publicized scandal in American history. Although most Americans know the role of Monica Lewinsky in the scandal, there were other key characters, behind the scenes, who played a rol ... o reports on the hour" (Kalb 28). In early October of 1997, Paula Jones' lawyers heard rumors about Monica Lewinsky and subpoenaed Linda Tripp. A reporter for Newsweek, Michael Isikoff, "knew that Tri ...

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Celebrities in politics.

of a 250 billion dollar debt, no, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Bill Clinton is Monica Lewinski. I'm not saying he didn't do a lot of good things for the county Im just saying that ...

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Clinton/ Lewinsky Sex Scandal

stand Bill Clinton's thoughts and actions during the media frenzy over his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a young White House intern?Lewinsky wasn't the first woman to be confronted by Pres ... ell as "Hollywood stars" are walking target of opportunity by people who envy these famous figures."Monica Lewinsky is a woman who used her powers over the President to advance her Career, but in fact ...

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Clinton Speech

make his words more personal. He does everything he can to gain sympathy.Bill Clinton compares the Monica Lewinsky situation with a journey. “First, I want to say to all of you tha ... ons with everyone.Then he actually says that there are no euphemisms to cover up the situation with Monica Lewinsky. “I don’t think there is a fancy way to say th ...

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Freedom To Talk Dirty (Deborah Tannen Summary)

conversation that it is not even offensive anymore. She explains how different matters such as the Lewinsky matter, AIDS epidemic, rape trials and even commercials about Viagra have opened us up to t ... sense of involvement required to make individuals into citizens." This directly refers to the Lewinsky matter. When individuals start getting involved in political conversation, they tend to tak ...

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Freedom And Going To College

ese types of students are as meticulous in his studies as Bill Clinton was not to let his secret of Monica Lewinsky get out (nor do they inhale!). Granted, they don't get down to their work in the ova ...

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Conducting An Interview: Things You Must Know

ury Povich interviewing a lady deathly afraid of horses, or Barbara Walters conducting an interview Monica Lewinsky on ABC. On a more serious note, you can turn the channel to C-SPAN or MS- NBC to see ...

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Clinton impeachment

r the oath during the testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, and to grand jury during Monica Lewinsky investigation. He even abused power and lied to the Congress in an attempt to cover ... olls. He believes Clinton's offenses were personal and minor. Although his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky was reckless behavior, the Constitution doesn't have anything that says one should b ...

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King william i

ually harassed. The three most famous names are Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, and the now infamous Monica Lewinsky. Was he punished for his infidelity? Of course not. We even reelected him. Want to k ...

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Gainer or mourner - Which role does the mistress in

lead to a serious obsession of the mistress. This obsession in turn might have fatal consequences. Monica Lewinsky, for instance, toyed with the idea of committing suicide because the public discover ...

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Two Speeches by Bill Clinton about the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Oral ArgumentIn January to September of 1998, a scandal involving former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky absorbed the majority of the media's time and energy. The investigation was the mass ... ologies. He frankly states what he has done wrong, "I never should have has any sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky, but I did…What I did was wrong-and there is no excuse for it." giving a stra ...

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Analysis of Political Leanings with Education Level as a Variable

ra has definitely been the age of the political scandal. Between Watergate, the Iran-Contra affair, Monica Lewinsky, and the myriad of other minor scandals, it is a wonder anyone is still remotely int ...

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Motivation Evaluation

of what a person needs to feel good about themselves. President Clinton looked for these things in Monica Lewinsky. She was an impressionable young woman that also made some bad choices that could ha ... ows (or possibly isn't aware yet) which needs of his were not being met that caused him to seek out Monica Lewinsky and attempt to fill in what was missing from his life.ReferenceMcAdams, D. (2006). T ...

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