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Senator's Pain in Anna Deavere Smith's "Twilight"

se feelings tell more about a person and an event than the facts. In Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 the monologue by Bill Bradley entitled 'Application of the Law' contributes more to Smith's piece than d ... ave similar messages, their presence affects the reader in a different way. After reading Bradley's monologue, I felt elated and anger. When Bradley questioned the partner at the law firm as he ask, ' ...

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The Tempest-Bringing it all Together. Analyzes the Epilogue of Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

eer. Evenmore amazingly, he seemlessly ties the two together.In the context of the story Prospero's monologue makes perfect sense. Hehas lost his magical power, so his 'charms are o'erthrown, and what ... the audience.All of what Prospero has said is very nice cute, but the most interestingpart of this monologue is what Shakespeare himself is saying. 'Now thatmy charms are all o'erthrown, and what str ...

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The effects of drinking alcohol on one's life.

oom of the hospital. She starts to cry, after regaining composure she turns to him and delivers her monologue.Jenny: You think you can just come back and expect everything to be ok?! Well it's NOT!! Y ...

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In what ways does John of Gaunt's speech from Act 2 scene 1 develop your understanding of both his character and his place in the play's consideration of "England and "Englishness"?

The monologue of John of Gaunt delves into the perilous nature of unfettered autocracy. Gaunt proclaims ... the kings and thus gives us much to think about with regard to this issue.The first section of the monologue deals with the nature of Richard's vices. The staccato like verbal rhythm brings a firmnes ...

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This essay was about the poetic devices which Robert Browning used to enhance the haunting tone in his dramatic monologue, "My Last Duchess."

s," by using three significant poetic techniques, one of which is imagery. Browning uses the Duke's monologue to sketch out images in the reader's mind of the Duchess herself, and the sinister persona ... s further enhanced by Browning's use of diction. Browning's particular word choice in this dramatic monologue steers the reader to believe that over time the Duchess' flirtatious nature becomes more d ...

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"Go:" An Analysis of Order in Film.

the viewer is introduced to is Claire, a young woman with dark hair and large eyes. She delivers a monologue about Christmas and the element of the surprise gift to an unknown person. The notion of s ... lks into a coffee shop and sees Todd sitting alone. Joining him at his table, she again repeats her monologue about Christmas surprises. The viewer can now understand what she means when she voices he ...

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Eddie's fate. Is eddies fate as inevitable as Alfieri suggests?

evitable as Alfieri suggests?Right from the start of A View From The Bridge, during Alfieri's first monologue, he suggests that the story will not have a happy ending and it will run through a bloody ...

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An analysis of Blake's poem "The Lamb"

The development of the poem is centered around the questions the speaker poses to the lamb, and his monologue is the poem. It is not a lyric poem, although it is short, because it is centered around a ...

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Romeo and Juliet monologue

Juliet's monologueIt was on the day my dad gave a party, I wonder how he was there. He looked very nervous. H ...

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The city and philosophy

ust as in a philosophic dialogue there must be more than an individual or the end result would be a monologue. The best example of this is the personification of the laws of Athens in Crito; Plato uti ...

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She Said: How Molly's Monologue Revises The Understanding Of James Joyce's Ulysses - The essay question is revealed in the title of the essay

ular perspective that goes unchallenged until the last chapter. In "Penelope", Molly's subconscious monologue brings an entirely different perspective to the text and the ideas created within it. More ... as lacking any real power, and are defined only in terms of how they meet the needs of men. Molly's monologue gives the reader insight into how a woman perceives these stereotypes, as well as how wome ...

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Introducing Constance - an essay on Ann-Marie MacDonald's Goodnight Desdemona (Goodmorning Juliet)

ginative nature is introduced by way of Act I, The Prologue. The chorus enters giving an intriguing monologue in which the first stages of an exciting transformation begin to unfold. The Prologue is s ...

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Dover Beach Theme Imagery and Sound

In "Dover Beach," Matthew Arnold creates a monologue that shows how perceptions can be misleading. The theme of illusion versus reality in "Dov ...

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Comparison of: 'My Last Duchess' and 'Tombs of Westminster Abbey'

he way they are not regular, typical poems. In 'My Last Duchess', the poet takes on a persona and a monologue and yet, the poem falls under many possible groups for illustration as family, death and s ...

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Love Song Of Alfred J. Prufrock by T.S. Eliot

he begins to second guess about how his woman would not be happy about her life spent with him. The monologue displays that Prufrock sees himself as a man divided in two parts. One part of him is very ...

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The crysalids - form and structure

.Most of the scenes are delivered in the form of naturalistic dialogue, but occasionally there is a monologue from 4 telepathic characters that tell the audience about their 'visions'.The characters i ... of the story the play writes uses the technique of introducing a new telepathic character through a monologue at the end of each scene.The writer 'shows' rather than 'tells'. The story is revealed in ...

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Othello - Although Shakespeare's plays were written several hundred years ago, they are still ablt to captivate a contemporary audience. How can their continuing popularity be explained?

nd night, Must bring this monstrous nirth to the world's light" (Act 1, Scene 3, Line 396). In this monologue Iago is trying to tell the audience that he is going to reveal how evil The Moor really is ...

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Journal Entries for Cyrano de Bergerac

sult aimed towards Cyrano's characteristic nose. Thus, a beautifully and hilariously written monologue comes from Cyrano. His basis is nothing but his independent nose and how many ways it coul ...

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Lady Macbeth soliloquy - oral

Monologue: MacbethLady Macbeth: Sleep dear Macbeth for you need your rest, I do not know what the lo ...

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~Compare Keats to two other pre-war poems. Comment on love, style and form~

rent to the 15th century sonnet of Shakespeare's 'Shall I Compare Thee' in which he is writing in a monologue style, addressing someone else. In Contrast to 'First Love' and 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' ...

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