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In United States, there are more than 130 different types of energy drinks sold with names such as Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, 5 hour Energy, No Fear, and Full Throttle; the serving sizes vary from ... tion of approximately 71 mg per 12 fl oz serving. By contrast, the most popular energy drinks, like Monster Energy®, contain between 160 and 240 milligrams of caffeine per can. Many energy drinks ...

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ared in my throat and there was no use putting it off. With much effort, my calloused hands grasped Monster's straps and pulled him off my shoulders. His weight had caused me to topple over on to the ... eturn she told me her name was Carina."You are not from here." She stated as her gaze moved towards Monster.I shook my head. She seemed irritated."You are stupid then." She said decisively and I found ...

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