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Canada's Endangered Species

Grassland National Park, in Canada, is located just north of Montana. A vast, grassy flatland that, because it is treeless, the sky seems to meet the land in all ... overnment plan between the United States and Canada to solve this problem. Though the University of Montana and University of Calgary are working together on a program that appears to have promise. De ...

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the state of Montana

Montana is one of the Mountain states of the United States. Montana has many boundaries. In the Nort ... he east North Dakota and South Dakota, in the south by Wyoming and Idaho, and in the West by Idaho. Montana, nicknamed the Treasure State, is divided into basically two different physical and economic ... eat Plains in the East produce petroleum(gasoline), coal and an assortment of agriculture products. Montana entered our union in 1889, as the forty first state.Land and ResourcesMontana, with an area ...

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The Blackfoot Indians

e the many different tribes. The Blackfoot occupied the region of modern day Alberta in Canada, and Montana in the U.S. The Blackfoot consisted of three main tribes: the Northern Blackfoot(Siksika), t ...

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Charlie Horse: Short childrens story

Charlie Horse grew up on a very large and beautiful valley in the Bitter Root Forest of western Montana. Charlie lived a very relaxed life wandering all through the grassy slopes along the valley ...

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Growing troubles between the North and South.

giving the United States all of present-day Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and parts of Wyoming and Montana. Polk had American troops defending the border of Texas and tried to purchase a huge tract o ...

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Analysis of "for whom the bell tolls" by ernest hemingway

s the most significant character that appears in the book. He is an American college professor from Montana who taught Spanish before he became a dynamiter in the Spanish Civil War. The whole book rev ...

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The Battle of Little Big Horn

est. Custer is best known for his role in the Battle of the Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876, in the Montana Territory. In this battle, Sioux and Cheyenne Indians killed Custer and all of the men under ... nited States Army officer who also became known for his role in the Battle of the Little Bighorn in Montana Territory in 1876. Reno and Custer were supposed to be a team, but when Reno realized that t ...

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Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

Main CharactersRoy EberhardtRoy Eberhardt is the new boy in Florida. He used to live in Montana, which he calls his "home" even though he was born in Detroit. Telling the others he was fro ... through fields and trees and a golf course.Brief SummaryRoy is the new kid in town again. He misses Montana so much that he barely gives Florida a chance. So when people ask him where he's from, rathe ... orida a chance. So when people ask him where he's from, rather than saying his birth town, he says "Montana". This leads to teasing by a bully, Dana Matherson. However, Dana played an important part t ...

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Fires In Montanq

In Montana after weeks of hot, dry weather, tired firefighters finally got some good news from Mother N ... venue go up in smoke.So far this year some 73,000 blazes have burned 6.3 million acres 2 million in Montana and Idaho alone. States like Oregon, Washington, and California are just now entering the he ... e loss.Clinton estimates that the value of lost land due to the blazes could go beyond $10 billion. Montana Gov. Marc Racicot said business losses might be averaging as much as $3 million a day in his ...

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Flying To Belfest

Belfast, 1977" describes the land as seen from high above in an airplane. While on a trip to Montana I saw much of what he described, such as a city resembling "a radio with its back ripped off ... ls" also conveys a sense of comfortable visions and feelings. During my flight towards Montana there were small squares of cultivated land that told that I was directly above Kansas. Thos ...

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The River Runs Through It

hrough It", Paul and Norman are brothers that grow up together. They grow up in a small town called Montana, where everybody in the town knows each other. While growing up Paul and Norman experience t ...

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ok seems like it will just get better and better. This book will be interesting to show how life in Montana is different than life in South Dakota. Already there are some of the same incidents that ar ... e. Frank had killed himself be slitting his wrists. Wes and Gail decide to move away from Bentrock, Montana, and go to Minnesota. Wes became a lawyer that's what Gail always wanted.This story shows ho ...

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Yellowstone National Park

from Menominee, Michigan. It lies in the northwestern corner of Wyoming and spreads into Idaho and Montana. There are five entrances into Yellowstone National Park, two from Wyoming and three from Mo ...

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Yellowstone National Park

from Menominee, Michigan. It lies in the northwestern corner of Wyoming and spreads into Idaho and Montana. There are five entrances into Yellowstone National Park, two from Wyoming and three from Mo ...

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Blackfoot Tribe

. They did this by burning black fish and using the fire ash to die them. There located in northern Montana and southern Alberta Canada. The three tribes in the Blackfeet Indians were 1. The Blood, 2. ... the name Blackfoot. The Blackfeet live on both sides of the United States Canadian border in Montana and Alberta. Historically, the tribes that make up today's Blackfeet nation lived in an area ...

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Bus Stop: Play Review

pped her from the Blue Dragon nightclub, where she sings. Bo apparently wants to take Cherie to his Montana ranch and make her his wife. Bo busts in yelling about anything and everything while Virgil ...

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Choosing a College : Michigan vs. Montana State

I will be a senior at Med. School. I will hopefully be attending Michigan State University (MSU) or Montana State University (MSU). I will be living off of campus with couple roommates. Ten years from ... ving the prettiness of the sun sets. Just think about waking up everyday and seeing that. Attending Montana State University in Bozeman Montana, you can experience all that. Imagine going skiing or sn ...

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Functions of Management

rces. Management makes good use of science and art in order to accomplish predetermined objectives (Montana and Charnov, 2000). Management consists of four unique processes: (1) planning, (2) organizi ... ng, and so forth. Planning helps to bridge the gap where individuals are and where they want to go (Montana & Charnov, 2000). Planning is the most important function and without planning, the othe ...

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Community Development

sures, and breakdown in communication network, information distortion, and cross-cultural barriers (Montana & Charon, 2008).DiscussionThe individual tries to overcome information overload and nois ... r to get the message delivered. Information overload happens when no one is communicating properly (Montana & Charon, 2008). Cultural barriers arise due to the different languages or dialectsbeing ...

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Communication & Leadership

wledge about the item at hand. Communication reduces job absenteeism, turnover rates, and conflict (Montana & Charon, 2008). The existence of communication within an organization creates a workabl ... ll as making decisions that affects the performance and morale of those that they are in charge of (Montana & Charon, 2008). Good communication ensures individuals know what is expected of them an ...

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