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"The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells

aveler.The Eloi - Arace of sweet, innocent and child like people.Weena - She was one of the EloiThe Morlocks - They were a race of cannibals who raised the Eloi, like cattle for food.In the beginning ... , this was his first encounter with the Eloi. The Eloi were simpel people who were dependent on the Morlocks for food and clothing.When he returned to the White Spinx his time machine was gone. The Ti ...

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The Time Machine

d. From her he found out that her name is Weena. She also told him that the creature was one of the Morlocks. Some time ago Eloi, the beautiful race, have made Morlocks to serve them, but they stop fo ... them, but they stop following orders, and now they live under the ground and sometimes attack Eloi.Morlocks only came out at the night and in dark places. They were the ones who lived under the sphin ...

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H.G. Wells the Time Machine vs. The Movie the Time Machine.

e world. The movie portrays the time traveler as the Eloi's savior, a person who fights against the Morlock's to save the human race, not to get back to the past. The book and movie are very different ... ly based on the book, is the details of many events. In the book the Eloi do not speak English, the Morlock's are white, the time traveler travels to the palace of green porcelain to get weapons and c ...

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Book review of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

Eloi. H. G. Wells portrays a world full of life, but of the two races that inhabit the future, the Morlocks and the Eloi, only Weena has enough significance to warrant comment.The Time Machine begins ...

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Book report on The Time Machine espressing the theme, conflict, setting, and personal opinion.

Eloi, from drowning she shows gratitude and befriends him. When the time traveler escapes from the Morlocks into the forest, she follows him into danger. Her actions express her concern and love for ... pletely. Men have evolved into two species - the Eloi, which are small human-like creatures and the Morlocks, which are nocturnal ape-like beings. Mankind is dim-witted and weak. Art, culture and tech ...

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H.G.Wells "The Time Machine" Book Report

rth. There he discovers two bizarre races - the simply, playful, childish Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks. Both races not only symbolise the duality of human nature, but also offer a terrifying por ...

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The Time Machine

camera, matches and better security for his time machine so it would not have been captured by the Morlocks. The main characters in the story were The Time Traveler, Weena, the human race Eloi and th ... characters in the story were The Time Traveler, Weena, the human race Eloi and the animal race the Morlocks. I will discuss a few topics in the story that relate to topics that are experienced by tod ...

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Title: "The Time Machine" Author: H.G. Wells

I lit a match and started down the tunnel under ground. I found these little ghost creatures called Morlocks. I found my time machine down there. I went to the time machine and got attacked by Morlock ... to Weena. We went to the forest and started playing. When it was dark we got attacked by a group of Morlocks. I started a fire and they moved away but they threw dust on it and put it out, and attacke ...

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Analysis of H.G. Well's "The Time Machine"

and had an extreme fear of dark places. This seemingly irrational fear led to the discovery of the Morlocks, who were an underground sub-species of man. The Morlocks were the opposite of the Eloi, as ... their only fear being light" (H.G. Wells: Time Machine, par. 2). The Time Traveler learned that the Morlocks provided clothing and other goods to keep the Eloi happy and content as the Morlocks raised ...

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Time Machine

anging when he discovers that this place is also inhabited by another type of creature known as the Morlocks.The Morlocks are evil dark creatures, who terrorize this futuristic world, and lurk around ... riend an Eloi named Weena who stays by his side, comforting him as he deals with his hardships. The Morlocks attack and capture Weena devastating the time travelers emotions. Determined to find his ma ...

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Time Machine

ind it but cannot. In the night, he begins to see strange white ape looking creatures the Eloi call Morlocks. He finds that the Morlocks live below ground, down the wells that are everywhere. Otherwis ... er name is Wenna. The Time Traveler finally gets up enough courage to go down into the caves of the Morlocks to try and find his time machine. He figures out that matches can be used as a good defense ...

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Book Review Of The Time Machine By H.G. Wells

Question: An analysis of the contrasts made between, The time traveller, Elois and Morlocks, in the Time Machine by H.G Wells, During this SSL I intend to consider th ... ing this SSL I intend to consider the links made by Wells between The time Traveller. Elois and the Morlocks. This linkage comes from the question that I believe is being suggested by Wells in the nov ... is being suggested is analysed through the presentation of two new races of humanity, the Elois and Morlocks, who have emerged from the elite and working class societies in Wells' novel. ...

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The Time Machine

Eloi people to what Wells feared the English society would be like in the future. In the book, the Morlocks are forced to live underground and work for the Eloi. The Morlocks are denied many of the p ... e Morlocks are denied many of the privileges that the Eloi enjoy. However, due to the fact that the Morlocks are doing all of the work for the Eloi, they soon become stronger and more self-reliant whi ...

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The Time Traveller and the Time Machine

bright Eloi he has already seen; but the downtrodden working classes have evolved into the bestial Morlocks, horrible subterranean creatures who do all the work but who also practice cannibalism on t ...

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The Time Machine

time machine was stolen. It is then when he discovers the existence of another people, the vicious Morlocks. Unlike, the nonchalant Eloi, the Morlocks live in desperation and must survive by cannibal ... lism. It seems like a Capitalist system gone wrong with the upper class (Eloi) and the lower class (Morlocks). The lazy rich would play and relax all day becoming frail and helpless. Meanwhile, the po ...

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The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

he represent the upper class by the lazy ?Eloi,?and the lower or working class represented by the ?Morlocks?(vicious creatures that fed on the Eloi). His novel portrays in a Pg. 2 comical yet serious ... s calm and peaceful with communal groups of Eoli (upper class), yet underneath the surface live the Morlocks (lower class) which ravage the Eoli at night. The Morlocks live underground, much like the ...

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The Inevitable Consequences of Future Time Travel

o be plausible patriarchal rulers’” (Hume 42). So he meets the other side of society, the Morlocks. Morlocks are these ferocious, barbaric group of people who were meant to represent the wor ... glish Society into a leisure aristocracy and a mass of downtrodden workers” (Masterplots). The Morlocks feed off and fight the Eloi and are supposed to represent the bourgeois rebelling against t ...

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