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Morpheus planted a special purple flower called the lotus. Soon the people of the land smelled the s ...

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Comparison of Star Wars & The Matrix in relation to the Hero's Quest

"Nobody can be told exactly what the Matrix is; you have to see it for yourself."-Morpheus"You must learn the ways of the Force, if you are to come with me to Alderaan."-Obi-Wan Keno ... by one of Hollywood's strongest black actors; the other, by one of the elder statesmen of film. But Morpheus and Obi-Wan Kenobi have a lot in common.Those similarities take place in the larger context ... ws himself to be taken into custody-where he finds a powerful incentive to believe what Trinity and Morpheus have been telling him all along. Similarly, Luke Skywalker initially refuses to go to Alder ...

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Pedal to the metal with reloaded Matrix.

anity to real existence, and this time his relationship with Trinity [Moss] has blossomed into love.Morpheus turns out to be rather more than we learnt in the first film, which takes us to Zion where ...

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"THe Matrix" .

Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world, built to keep us under control" - MorpheusThe Matrix is a neural interactive program, used to blind people from the truth. The truth, ... n entire race of machines. War against these machines, was upon the entire human race. According to Morpheus, "We don't know who struck first, us or them. But we know that it was us that scorched the ...

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Psychology; Importance of Sleep.

, one of the first to study sleep, believed that it was a gift to be granted, or refused by the god Morpheus. Like the Ancient Greeks much of our previous studies were mere speculation, with observati ...

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Shows how Joseph Campbell's model for a hero's journey has been adapted to the movie 'the matrix'.

specific concept - "what is The Matrix?". His mentor in discovering the answer to this question is Morpheus. Morpheus is an instiller of knowledge and "more like a father figure than a leader", to Ne ... entities of unknown capabilities. They endeavour to obtain information regarding the whereabouts of Morpheus and other relevant facts by tempting Neo with the chance to clear his criminal record but N ...

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Critique of the Matrix movie.

love with Neo. Laurence Fishburne is a character that plays the leader of the Nebuchadnezzar named Morpheus. There is an agent who is after the Matrix and the people in it and Hugo Weaving plays his ... l.When Neo finds out about the Matrix he wants to learn more about it. This occurs when he comes to Morpheus and becomes part of the Matrix. Morpheus believes that Neo has a part in the Matrix that co ...

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Downloading music. Persuasive essay that agrees downloading music is right and shouldn't be restricted.

new programs rose to take Napster's place. There are two that still exist and are the most popular, Morpheus and Kazaa, which are used most frequently by the youth of America. Since 2003, the RIAA has ... er prices and rewards if one agrees to pay the monthly fee. Still Kazaa offers the free program and Morpheus is still at no cost. So kids still continue to use the programs for free. The RIAA has no c ...

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Matrix and the Myth of the Cave mix between movie and philosophy

lives in an apartment; essentially he has a normal life. However, he soon meet's a character named Morpheus, who enlightens Neo by showing him he has been living in a computer generated world which i ... This can be seen in the Matrix through Cypher, who is a character also realizing the truth through Morpheus though he could never grasp the fact that the Matrix was not reality but a program. Cypher ...

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Analysis of sonnet 130 by shakespeare

f grandiose metaphor or allusion -- he does not compare his love to Venus; there is no evocation to Morpheus, etc. The ordinary beauty and humanity of his lover are what is important to Shakespeare in ...

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IRP (Independent Research Project) - "The Matrix"

any journal any heroes goes on in order to be considered a hero. And those around the hero (such as Morpheus, being Merlin, Cheshire cat, Obi Wan Kanobi, One of those who searches for the incarnation ...

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The Matrix IRP (Independent Research Project)

s" or "batteries" for the machine-ruled world.A resistance group to the system/the matrix is led by Morpheus. They go on a search for "the One... A man born inside who had the ability to change whatev ... our people." This is much like the search for the reincarnated Buddha (Ressner).After finding Neo, Morpheus trains Neo's mind to understand the truth and to break the hold the matrix has on human min ...

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Our Knowledge of the External World by Bertrand Russell

, what you can taste and see then "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain..."-Morpheus (The Matrix)In discussions regarding philosophy, the external world is regarded as everythi ...

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Survival in Changing Environments. Based on The Two Towers by J.R.Tolken, The Matrix by the Wachalsci brothers and Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden

ronment and also on the efforts of other individuals within his group to allow him, in the words of Morpheus, to " your mind." Another character who experiences a psychological change in both p ... action to continued exposure of a changing and unstable environment led to his eventual betrayal of Morpheus, and ultimately his own death. This obvious change in thought processes and perspective led ...

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The Matrix in relation to the clasical hero's journey

ms to fit the model of the classical "hero's journey" pattern. From his call to adventure by way of Morpheus, to the road of trials that included his meeting with the Oracle, he experienced a very tex ... which means that the character is unsure of his quest.Neo's call to adventure comes in the form of Morpheus, the philosophical "father figure" that leads Neo on his journey by first contacting him. H ...

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Decartes and The Matrix

iever but movie ignores the existence of God.In the movie Matrix, before Neo discovers the reality, Morpheus asks Neo "Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real?" and he continues ...

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Critical Summary of "The Matrix" and Symbolism

er that is trying to find the answer to the question 'what is the Matrix?' This search leads him to Morpheus, a leader of a crew of rebels who are in search for the One, the person who will destroy th ... hat controls the minds of humans in order for machines to feed of their battery life. He then joins Morpheus in his crusade to destroy the Matrix, and in doing so; he finds that he is indeed The One." ...

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The Matrix

t is anticipated that the three most essential characters to have the most affect in the movie were Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo. Morpheus exemplifies the great teacher and father archetypal character, ... a team they lead each other to the final stages of their journey and accomplished their goal. With Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo forming a triune, they all correspond to an archetypal character, each wi ...

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Matrix Questionare For Science

he meant it as a joke but the audience has no idea whats she's talking about until Neo finds out by Morpheus what the matrix is.4. How do you think Cypher was able to get into the Matrix to meet with ... Jefferson Airplane are both referenced in the Matrix, how? Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland. Morpheus talks a lot about the rabbit hole and Neo following the rabbit or staying in wonderland, al ...

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“Do you believe in fate Neo,”

"Do you believe in fate Neo," Morpheus asks. "No," Neo responds. "Why not?" "Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control ...

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