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Equality Beetween the sexes.

Equality between the sexesA long time ago ancient societies across the globe worshiped great mother goddesses. Women in communities like ancient Egypt and Babylon held high office as queens or ... it. Women do twice the work as men to get paid half the money. Many think it is unacceptable that a mother works while a father stays home/ not to mention the countries and religions that forbid women ...

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Evidence for a Goddess Cult at Çatal Hüyük

e divine family was then patterned on that of man; and the four aspects are in order of importance: mother, daughter, son, and father" (Mellaart 1967:201). As Mellaart suggests, the question arises wh ... s, the question arises whether Neolithic people "worshipped these as four divinities or as two, for mother and daughter are but two aspects of the concept woman; son and father that of man" (Mellaart ...

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Women in Ancient Times: from Matriarchy to Patriarchy.

denote the existence during this period of a prominent female deity identified usually as the Earth Mother or the Mother Goddess. On the basis of this assumption, it has been suggested that, unlike to ... elt that there was much evidence to show that the earliest cultures universally worshipped an Earth Mother Goddess. Graves also based much of his beliefs on the analysis of ancient myths. He also felt ...

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Matrifocal Vs Patrifocal Mythology

ty being male as in patrifocal mythology, the deity was female known either as the Goddess or Great Mother- who is always depicted as the maiden, matron or crone.According to Archaeologists there is e ... and regeneration so did humans. This cycle was celebrated and embodied in the feminine principle, a Mother Creatix. Weapons were almost non-existent. Their entertainment, their art and their culture w ...

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The ineffable aphrodite

is more elaborate, and considerably more gruesome. Life first began when Gaia, the Earth and mother goddess, emerged from chaos. She gave birth to Ouranos, the sky god, and began to conceive ch ...

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St. Brigid: Saint and Goddess

igits connections with the ancient goddesses and the symbols they shared, whilst assess her role as Mother goddess in the Irish tradition and how that later shifted into a triple mother goddess imager ... translates as 'from the belly' or the womb hence the symbols of rejuvenation associated with Brigit Mother Goddess There are few remnants of the mother goddess to be found in irish tradition We 1st en ...

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Indian culture

group who worship Vishnu and his incarnations, another who worship Shiva and those who worship the Mother Goddess, Shakti, also called Parvati, Mahalakshmi, Durga or Kali.Shiva BrahmaVishnuFestivalsT ...

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